Fresh Rose Duo

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    Stop and smell the flowers with this discounted bundle of our two rosewater hydrators!

    After cleansing, tone your face with our Balance Toning Mist, a soothing floral-water blend that enables nutrients and hydration to penetrate more deeply into the skin.

    Layer on Soothe Moisturizer right after, our lightweight, cream-serum hybrid that delivers heavy-duty hydration, vitamins and antioxidants benefits to all the layers of your skin.

    These two moisture-rich products will fortify your skin’s natural barrier, enhancing its ability to protect against pathogens, environmental stressors, and oxidative damage, while at the same time providing a soft and rehydrated elasticity to your complexion, and lessening the appearance of fine lines and dullness.

    Target both dryness and dehydration in one go, and look forward to skin as soft and lovely as a rose!

    Suitable for normal, dry and dehydrated skins.


At 54, the OTC brands were just getting too harsh

I started out using it once a day just to see how it did. AMAZING! I splash a little in my palms and pat it all over my face and neck. It feels so refreshing going on and the scent is light and quite delightful. This has actually changed my skin for the better AND you can see the results. Smoother texture and more even toned skin without any breakouts after 2 weeks.


- Lorry

Akar Skin, Balance Toner, hydrating, moisturizing toner, exfoliating, rosewater, luxury, clean beauty

Nice, pleasant application and non-irritating

It didn't feel like synthetic moisturizers that sometimes just sit on the top of your skin. My skin has lasting moisture in the 90 degree heat and sun without drying out, yet without the moisturizer feeling too heavy and burdening my pores. It's not sticky which is great. It's light and blends into the skin while staying effective until the face is washed at night.


- Jessica

Akar Skin, Soothe Moisturizer, hydrating, nourishing, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, luxury skincare, Tibetan inspired
Akar Skin, Radiate Bundle, Clarify Face Oil, Restore Eye Serum, skincare products, illustration, clean beauty, infograph
Akar Skin, Radiate Bundle, Clarify Face Oil, Restore Eye Serum, skincare products, illustration, clean beauty, infograph
Akar Skin, Balance Toner, Soothe Moisturizer, skincare products, bottles, vase, lifestyle, photography, clean beauty


✔️ Lock hydration

✔️ Nourish & moisturize

✔️ Smooth texture

✔️ Fade pigmentation

✔️ Oil control

✔️ Prevent acne

✔️ Lessen appearance of fine lines

✔️ Reduce inflammation and puffiness

Akar Skin, EWG Verified, certification, non-toxic, safe, Environmental Working Group, Tibetan inspired skincare
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