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Radiant skin powered by Tibetan superfoods

Our Tibetan Roots

“Akar” means white crystal in Tibetan, and symbolizes purity, wellness and new beginnings. They are values that our founder Kate sought for after her career in banking culminated in a burnout. Deciding to break away from that stressful life, she embarked on a trip to Tibet to pause, reflect and heal. It was there that she rediscovered wellness, happiness and a renewed connection to nature – which eventually led to the founding of Akar Skin.

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Potent Superfoods, Powered by Science

While in Tibet, Kate was introduced to two berries that locals have long-used in their traditional healing practices – the Sea Buckthorn and Goji Berry, which are rich in omega fatty acids, vitamins and antioxidants. Upon witnessing the remarkable transformation these two ingredients brought to her sensitized, acne-prone skin, Kate was inspired to launch a clean skincare brand that combined the powerful benefits of select organic superfoods with cutting-edge beauty technology.

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Gentle, Clean & Planet-loving Formulations

Did you know skin sensitivity can affect all skin types leading to dryness, inflammations, redness and acne? As we age, the loss of lipids and water also leads to more reactive skin, hence sensitivity relief, inflammation prevention and strengthening the moisture barrier are essential for all skin types and ages. Every Akar formulation is certified clean and designed to repair, nourish, calm and prevent irritations.

Akar skincare is kind to humans, animals and the planet. When you shop Akar, you shop EWG certified, plant-based, cruelty free & sustainable skincare. Learn more about our formulations & manufacturing standards in our Clean Pledge.

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"Clean beauty is honest. It doesn’t gatekeep, it doesn’t hide behind confusing labels and it always holds itself accountable. It is about honoring your skin, the consumer and the planet."

From Akar, To You

My story is one that might be familiar to you. I used to work an extremely stressful banking job that had me hospitalized on a business trip in London.

That incident was a huge wake-up call for me. Quitting my job and taking a much-needed break, I flew to Tibet to re-ground and restore myself. Tibet is a unique, beautiful place where modernity and vibrant ancient traditions co-exist side-by-side.  

My time in Tibet made clear that science alone is not enough — it didn’t provide lasting solutions to my adult acne despite endless trials of harsh products, expensive treatments and antibiotics. Fact is, nothing came as close to doing for my skin what sea buckthorn oil from Tibet accomplished. My wish to replicate the results I experienced in Tibet led me to venture into skincare formulations, advanced extraction and scientific techniques, to put the best of what nature has to offer in a bottle. I firmly believe that healthy, radiant skin is best achieved with science-backed, clean formulations that benefit both humans and the planet.

I hope that picking up a bottle of Akar will inspire you to check-in with yourself and love the skin you’re in.

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Akar Skin

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