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This month’s blog comes from our marketing specialist Kristy! Here she shares with us why Balance Toner is her favorite and most used Akar product. 

This month’s blog comes from our marketing manager, Anna Hoffman. Take a look into her double-cleansing routine with our Purify Cleansing Oil and Soothe Cleanser!

The rave for this beloved superfruit isn’t entirely new. Its notoriety came around years ago when it was alleged that drinking pineapple juice could quite literally freshen up one’s vaginal health.
We’re all religious believers of ‘beauty sleep’ I’m sure, but just what is the science behind this regime? 
Akar partners with modeling agencies prior to Fashion Week to help prep their skin to be as beautiful as possible for the show. Read on to find out which of our products are these model favorites!
What mandala will you create? 
What steps do you take to protect yourself against the sun?

Ensuring that we get sufficient amounts of water into our system is a must for good health and glowing skin.

Follow the steps in our article to single out the best possible skincare products for your unique skin type!
Decluttering can alleviate stress and anxiety - let’s discuss how to go about it!
If you’ve ever stopped to wonder exactly how and what antioxidants do for the skin and body, then this article is for you.
With its superfood status, they are a well-known staple of diets both ancient and modern, consumed readily in its raw and dried form.
The sea buckthorn, also known as seaberry, is one of two superfoods we use in our products. 
Conscious consumption is shopping - but in a way that is a whole lot kinder to our planet.

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