Workout Skincare Routine

Let's face it, we've all been victims of post-workout breakouts (or at least some of us have). Most of us are guilty of catching up on social media after working out that we often delay washing our face. Every second wasted on scrolling through your feed contributes to the accumulation of dirt and dead skin on your face. All this bacteria and sweat from working out will cause your pores to clog, which results in breakouts, redness, and bumps. And if you're seeing lines appear around your face and neck, it's due to the build up of dead skin during your workouts. 

With that said, taking care of your skin pre and post workout is actually something that can be easily done. Here's our minimalist take on the workout skincare routine:



    A lot of people exercise in make up, which mixes with your sweat and bacteria to clog your pores. So make sure you remove any make up before you exercise. After all, no one likes make up running down their face in the middle of a sweaty gym session. 


    It is always a good idea to wash your face before a workout to get rid of any excess oils or dirt on your face. This way, you start your workout feeling fresher and more awake. If you're worried about your face feeling dry during workouts, you can also use a spray mist (like our Balance Toning Mist) on your face to give your skin a little extra hydration before working out. 

Post Workout


    As mentioned before, we're prone to sitting around and procrastinating once we're done working out. But if you want that clear complexion, you've got to cleanse your face immediately after a workout. Using a towel to wipe your face isn't enough; your skin needs a full on cleanse after each workout to ensure that all the dirt is off!


    As you're sweating, your skin loses water and becomes dehydrated post workout. You might not feel it, especially not when you have sweat dripping down your face, but it's essential that you give your skin that extra boost of moisture after washing your face. Our trick is to apply face oils (such as our Desert Rescue Face Oil) after toner to replenish the moisture level on our skin. Just a few drops on your face will really help make a difference and give you that post workout glow. If you're in a rush, mix face oil with water to create a light spritzer on the go. Your skin will thank you for it!

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