The Conversation Should Start From Non-Toxic

Honoring Women’s Equality Day is an extremely important tradition for Akar. This year, we’re celebrating by participating in The Vagina Dialogues, an online festival hosted by our friends at Luuna Naturals that celebrates gender equality, health and social impact. For this week of August, our founder Kate shares what the week’s theme of #NoMoreToxins means to her and Akar in this personal blog. In addition, a portion of Akar sales generated this week will go to the Karen Leung Foundation in support of their mission to save lives by reducing the impact of gynecological cancer in Hong Kong.

Akar, meaning white crystal in Tibetan, was conceived to embody the definition of safe, natural and non-toxic skincare.

But what exactly does the word “toxic” mean? For the overwhelming number of consumers, toxic represents a lifestyle that they’re unknowing participants of. Be it neglecting the needs of our bodies when we feel pain, working in a mentally-taxing or high-stress environment, or purchasing products without considering the impacts of its manufacturing on our earth and our bodies – there are many toxic factors that could accumulate unconsciously in a person’s lifestyle and habits.

So to step away from toxic is to make a conscious decision towards making better choices, be that in life or in skincare. Choosing personal health and happiness by leaving behind an awful work environment, and then inspiring others who feel trapped in the same position to do the same is what “choose non-toxic” means to me, and the reason why I founded Akar.

But while conscious consumerism and transparent business practices might not be news to consumers in the West, the conversation is a lot smaller in Asia, where Akar and Luuna both call home. In Asia, we have noticed a budding, slow-growing interest around the interconnected topics of choice, transparency and consumerism, but in Hong Kong particularly, most consumers don’t realize that they have alternate “non-toxic” options available outside of conventional brands carried in physical shops and drugstores.

At Akar Skin, one of the most meaningful ways in which we commit our stance on sustainability and non-toxic to our consumers is by obtaining EWG Verification for 100% of our products. Unlike other organic labels, the EWG Verified mark ensures we are fully committed to sustainable sourcing and manufacturing, are fully transparent about our formulations, and only select the safest ingredients for our consumers’ skin.

To encourage this conversation, I believe the best way forward is simply for brands to step up and lead by example. We believe that consumers deserve to have full knowledge of what goes into their skincare products, which is why we provide extensive write-ups of every single ingredient we include. Our current plant superfood library contains about a hundred ingredients, and is continuously expanding as we grow our collection! By educating consumers to look for non-toxic wherever they can, we empower individuals to demand accountability and answers where they deserve, and to seek out choices that are better for themselves and for our planet.

There is great momentum right now for a clean, green and non-toxic revolution to sweep through female consumer products. As more consumers become aware, it has become clear that industry buzzwords like “clean”, “safe” and “green” is no trendy niche or passing fad. In fact, such standards are becoming the norm, the bare minimum that everyone – brands and consumers alike – should strive for.  

Having the ability to make the right choices is in and of itself an act of empowerment. Cumulatively, the actions of individuals have the power to change the world, whether that be demanding for better products or putting the brakes on climate change. As females who have endured toxicity for years, we are in position to provide better for all our sisters across the globe. Non-toxic is the standard that women deserve. Choose safe and non-toxic together with Akar, Luuna Naturals and the other wonderful partners participating in The Vagina Dialogues.   


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