Learn Your Skin Type in 4 Easy Steps

When figuring out the perfect skincare regimen, you'll see labels such as oily, combination, dry or normal. But what category do you fall in? Follow the steps below so you can determine the best possible skincare products for YOU. 

1. Wash Your Face & Let it Sit

Using a gentle cleanser, wash your face with warm water & towel dry. Make sure any makeup residue is gone. As much as it pains you, don't use any sort of face oil, moisturizer, eye serum or cream. Let your face sit naturally. 

2. Wait 30 Minutes...

After 30 minutes, head back to the bathroom and take a look at how your face' natural oils are forming. Focus on the T-zone (forehead, nose & chin), in particular. Take note of how dry or oily your skin is becoming. Now, leave your bathroom again... without any additional product. 

3. 30 Minutes Later...

Once another 30 minutes have passed, head back to your bathroom again & do another skin check. Take a tissue & dab it over your skin. Is it collecting oil all over? Just on your nose? Is your skin flaking at all? Once you gather your answers, read the below to see how your skin is classified. 

4. The Results Are In!!

A sign that your skin is on the dry side is that it feels a little tight. Your skin may also feel itchy or irritated, at times. If your skin is dry, you may be dehydrated. Try to up your intake of water & reduce your intake of diuretics, such as coffee. 

If your skin has a lot of excess oil on the skin & tends to have a large amount of shine, you probably have oily skin and can utilize lower concentrated face oils/moisturizers to help your skin to stay moisturized without clogging your pores. 

Your skin is considered to be "combination" if it has areas that are more oily in certain areas as well as dry/tight areas. Often times, the t-zone will be considerably oily & other areas will be on the drier side.

Normal skin will have a healthy balance of natural oils & will not feel too dry or too oily. 

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