Double Cleanse Your Way to Smooth Skin

Double Cleanse Your Way to Smooth Skin

This month’s blog comes from our marketing manager, Anna Hoffman. Take a look into her double-cleansing routine with our Purify Cleansing Oil and Soothe Cleanser!

Stop being afraid of oil-based products.

Let’s start with the basics. What is double cleansing?

Double Cleansing, like it sounds, means using two different types cleansers when washing your face. Once with an oil-based cleanser to remove dirt, makeup and excess oil etc. Then again with a more traditional cleanser to deeply cleanse your skin.  

I used to think this was total overkill. Why on earth do I need to wash my face twice?!

Turns out the single cleanser I was using was not doing the job. She needed to go. 

Remnants of my makeup were impossible to remove and I was still breaking out due to the leftover makeup on my face. I was also reluctant to try any new oil-based cleansers because I have oily/combination skin. Boy was I wrong.

The amazing thing about the Purify Cleansing Oil is that it’s for all skin types. It doesn’t strip away any natural oils your skin creates, which you need for bouncy beautiful skin, and enhances our natural beauty with its natural ingredients. The bromelain enzyme, which comes from pineapple, is also mildly exfoliating so it really works to remove dead skin cells, makeup, and dirt to give you a truly clean palette to then go deeper into your cleansing routine.  

When I first pump the cleanser into my hands, the texture is thick and golden in color, it feels like rubbing honey into my skin. The smoothness and thickness of the texture feels incredible on my skin. Not only that, the peppermint gives my skin this cool feeling which is extremely refreshing.

Massaging Purify into dry skin is just step one. Once you splash some water on your face the formula completely emulsifies. This is the time to go at it with your mascara and makeup that’s tougher to remove. It’s totally safe to scrub away at your eyes with Purify, for nothing in its formula irritates the eyes! 

The next step is the cleanser. My personal favorite is the Soothe Cleanser for these winter months where my skin is feeling dry and in need of some extra hydration. With notes of lavender flower for its anti-inflammatory properties, and added cranberry enzyme for its exfoliating properties, massaging the Soothe Cleanser into already washed skin will enhance the effectiveness of the cleanser and help with absorption of products after.

And this goes for all of your skincare. The cleaner your skin, the more effective the product will be at absorbing and taking effect. What helps the most in absorbing product? Toner. But that’s a totally different topic that we’ll get to later.

What I also love about double-cleansing my face at night is the routine I have created around my skincare. Letting each step settle and take effect gives me time to wind-down and relax after a long day. Away from my phone, laptop, roommates and family. I use this time to repeat my mantra, to give myself love, to send healing energy to my family, and ultimately give myself the love I deserve by taking care of myself.

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