Pure Lip Restoration

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  • 0.16oz / 5ml

    For all skin types

    A lightweight, creamy and mineral oil-free lip treatment guaranteed to provide instant hydration for dry skin everywhere. The Beeswax base seals in moisture and nutrients from Almond Seed and Baobab Seed oils that make lips soft, full and supple; antioxidants from Rose and Orange fight off sun-induced oxidative stress and lessen the appearance of lines. Our versatile lip butter has a pleasing floral tea scent and is made of 100% pure plant-based ingredients.

    Say goodbye to chapping and cracking for good!

Key Ingredients

Almond Seed Oil

Emollient – Conditions lips and keeps them soft and supple


Occlusive – Acts as a layer to seal in moisture and keep lips hydrated for long periods

Goji Seed Oil

Antioxidant – Neutralizes free radical damage and treats oxidative stress

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Palmitoleic acid (Omega-7) – Rebuilds collagen and regenerates the epidermis layer, rendering lips smooth and bouncy

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Spread a layer over lips as needed.

Apply a thicker layer as an overnight lip treatment.
Can also be used as a multi-purpose balm.

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“By the time I decide what lip color I’m going to wear that day, it’s fully absorbed, leaving a nice, smooth base behind.”


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