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Our ingredients are sourced from the Tibetan Plateau and global suppliers with eco-friendly practices

We are interdependent on our surroundings, just as our surroundings are influenced by our actions. We believe that compassion stems from our ability to care for the earth, so when it comes to sourcing we try to do so from farms that practice sustainable farming.

Sourcing Practices

We source our main ingredients Goji Berries and Sea Buckthorn Berries from a farm that lies on the Tibetan Plateau just north of India, one of the highest and biggest plateaus in the world. Known as “The Third Pole”, it is naturally situated to be pure as can be in its own isolation from cities and other farms. Enveloped by the surrounding snowcaps of the Himalayan Mountains that provide natural irrigation, the farm manages to be self-sustaining and safe from pollution.

Cultivated in an extreme climate to peak nutrition, these ingredients are harvested by local farmers using traditional practices that leave minimal impact on the natural ecosystem. Wildharvested only once a year, the trees are kept in pristine condition for the rest of the year in order to bear nutritious fruit again the following years. 


We believe beauty should be an eco-conscious cycle, from the harvesting of ingredients to the final consumption of each product. As part of our sustainability effort, we source FSC paper for our packaging and print using soy ink. Our bottles are made of glass to maintain the purity of our products and to ensure that each product is recyclable after it’s been finished.

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