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D O N ' T   S K I P   O U T   O N   Y O U R   R I T U A L

Start healing your skin from the inside out.

Time alone is nourishing for your soul.

Maximize the efficacy of your skin care ritual with proper step-by-step layering.

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Step 1: Remove Makeup

Purify Cleansing Oil

Generously pump cleansing oil into palm. Inhale deeply and rub between hands. Apply to dry skin and massage with indulgence before rinsing off with water.

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Step 2: Cleanse

Clarify Cleanser  for oily and combination skin

Soothe Cleanser  for normal, dry, and sensitive skin

Squeeze one to two full pumps into palm. Inhale deeply and rub between hands. Apply to dry skin and massage with indulgence before rinsing off with water.

Clarify cleanser can be used on both dry or wet skin, while Soothe cleanser is most effective when applied onto dry skin. 

Balance, toner, toning mist, akar, skin, tibetan, red, bottle, rosewater

Step 3: Tone

Balance Toner

Use after cleansing. Shake well, close eyes and mist 3-5 times onto skin. If using as a quick refresh during the day or as a final morning skincare step, tap lightly until product is absorbed. 

Restore, eye serum, eye cream, eye care, oil, akar skin, tibetan inspired, skincare, anti aging, eye bags

Step 4: Rejuvenate

Restore Eye Serum

Place 1 drop onto ring fingertip and gently tap around the eye area. Apply under the brow and across the bags, using the ring finger to tap lightly until absorbed. 

Alternatively, place 1-2 drops onto fingertips and rub ringers together to warm the oil. Gently place fingers over your eye area and cover your eyes for 10 seconds. Lightly pat in any remaining oil over the eye area. 

face oil, clarify, soothe, akar skin, moisture, hydrate, tibetan inspired, skincare, clean beauty

Step 5: Nourish

Clarify Face Oil  for oily and combination skin

Soothe Face Oil  for normal, dry, and sensitive skin

Use as either a replacement for, or along with, your cream moisturiser. If used in tandem with your usual moisturiser, use the oil after creams/serums but before face balms. 

After misting, place 2-4 drops of oil onto fingertips. Rub the fingers together to warm and distribute the product before massaging the oil gently onto the face. Apply onto damp skin for faster absorption.

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Step 6: Glow

Pure Lip Restoration or Ruby Lip Restoration

Apply as needed to keep lips soft, nourished and glowing. Use Pure Lip Restoration for a naturally hydrated finish or deep moisturising before bed, and Ruby Lip Restoration for a light rosy gloss. 

Our lip butters double as an overnight lip mask; simply apply a thicker than usual layer over your lips before bed and let our lip butters work their magic.

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