Submit a video testimonial to Akar!

Record a short video of yourself reviewing your favorite Akar product and get 20% off your next purchase!

Where and how should I shoot the video?

If you are wondering what kind of video you should submit, here are some tips and ideas:

  • Record yourself on a phone, camera or laptop – whatever you prefer!
  • Pick a clean, empty background, and record the video in a bright and well-lit environment, such as in front of a window. The outdoors work too!
  • Ensure your chest, face, or a close-up of whatever area you’re demonstrating the product in is in frame
  • Make sure the video quality is clear and in focus!

What should I talk about in the video?

  • Give us your honest thoughts about as many Akar products as you want
  • Show us how you use the product, as well as the difference in your skin before and after using it
  • Walk us through your routine and explain when and how you incorporate Akar products into your beauty regimen.

Feel free to use any of these suggestions. Or don’t follow them at all and make up your own! :)

There is no “right” or “wrong” video testimonial.

Whether it’s short and sweet or long and detailed, we welcome all videos! We want to know why you love your Akar and how you use our products, so that we can continue to refine our products and services for the future!

Where should I send the video?

Email us your video, social media handle (Instagram and Facebook) to Our Customer Care Team will respond to let you know that we’ve successfully received your submission.

Please ensure that you’ve whitelisted our email address so our messages don’t accidentally land in the junk folder.

What kind of reward will I receive?

You will receive a one-time discount for $20% off your next purchase on our store!

Please take note that all customers are only eligible to a single reward per unique order.

About Data & Privacy

By sharing your video, you agree that the personal data you have provided will be processed by Akar Skin and may be used on social media, website and any other owned channels for marketing and advertising purposes.

Your data will not be transferred nor assigned to third parties.

You can exercise your right to access, rectify and delete your data, as well as the other rights granted by law by sending an email to For further information, please check our privacy policy here.

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