Sea Buckthorn, a magic superfood for skin

Sea Buckthorn, a magic superfood for skin

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Sea buckthorn, also known as seaberry, is the most essential of the superfoods we use in our products. This deciduous- shrub plant is distinguished by the small, bright and numerous, orange-colored berries and needle-like thorns along the tree branches.

Tibetan roots

Originating in the Himalayas, sea buckthorn came to flourish in the Tibetan Plateau’s climate, located at a high altitude of 3,000 meters (about 1.86 mi) above sea level, in a place untouched by pollution and with the most minimal of human influence. The conditions of its habitat give rise to a uniquely nutrient-rich chemical composition that has made sea buckthorn a valuable medicine since the 8th centuryand used in ancient Asian traditions to heal both internal and external ails.

Sustainable farming

Sustainable farming practices are essential in sourcing high-quality sea buckthorn. We source our fruit from a farm based in Tibet that practices sustainable harvesting and social responsibility. The plants are wild harvested by hand picking, never excessively so, with special care taken to maintain the ecological balance. Additionally, the farm has a poverty relief fund in place that guarantees employment for Tibetan farmers and education for their children. Our faith in the supplier translates directly into our brand, which means that we’re always confident in the integrity of our values and what we can bring to you.

Science-backed benefits

Sea buckthorn is also known as a ‘multivitamin’, containing rare bioactive compounds with powerful antioxidant capabilities including Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Omega-3, Omega-6 and Omega-9. In addition to its health benefits, sea buckthorn oil is particularly popular in skin care products due to its high content of nourishing properties and essential fatty acids, which may help to promote healthy skin. It is often included in moisturizers, serums, and facial oils for brightening and hydration purposes.

With its unique nutritious composition and our sustainable sourcing, this magic berry has made it an outstanding superfood in skincare products, providing all-around nourishment and protection for our skin. Try it for yourself in our products!