Balance Toner 30ml

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Deemed as the "Holy Water" by Allure, spray your way to glowing, healthy skin. This non-sticky Rose and Neroli scented mist sets gently into the skin, providing deep hydration, improving overall elasticity, while simultaneously keeping the pH value of the skin’s acid mantle layer at the optimum level. Salicylic acid from White Willow Bark is both anti-microbial and exfoliating, helping prevent build-up in pores as well as acne-related issues. Stem cell extracts from the rare Saffron flower contain antioxidants and carotenoids which aids the epidermis in repair and regeneration. Last but not least, Balance enables greater absorption of nutrients by lowering the skin’s surface tension, which means that all the good stuff – in this toner, and everything you apply next - will be fully absorbed, right into your skin. 

✓ Vegan
✓ Cruelty-free
✓ Gluten-free
✓ EWG verified

2.4oz / 70ml

*84% saw an increase in skin hydration
*73% saw a reduction in inflammation and redness
*Product is independently certified by the Environmental Working Group


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