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Full Ingredients

A lightweight creamy treatment guaranteed to provide instant hydration for dry and chapped lips. Antioxidants help to fight sun-induced oxidative stress and lessen the appearance of lines. Smells of freshly brewed rose orange tea, our lip restoration is made of pure plant-based ingredients and free of mineral oil. A definite must-have if your lips are prone to chapping and cracking.

Our luxury samples are totally reusable, last up to 2 weeks, sometimes even longer, and are guaranteed to make you fall in love with Akar Skin. Formulated with only the best ingredients that will regenerate your skin for a smoother and brighter appearance. Select up to three unique samples with your order and just click checkout!

0.07oz / 2ml

How To

Apply a thin layer for daily nourishment or a thick layer as an overnight mask.

Reapply as needed.

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Key Superfoods

Almond Seed Oil

Emollient – Conditions lips and keeps them soft and supple


Occlusive – Acts as a layer to seal in moisture and keep lips hydrated for long periods

Goji Seed Oil

Antioxidant – Neutralizes free radical damage and treats oxidative stress

Sea Buckthorn Oil

Palmitoleic acid (Omega-7) – Rebuilds collagen and regenerates the epidermis layer, rendering lips smooth and bouncy

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What does it do?

Pure Lip restoration is a lip balm that intensely moisturizes, softens and protects the lips. It heals chapped, cracked, flaky skin and restores a plump, smooth texture to the lips.

How much do I need to apply?
During the day, a thin layer is enough to keep lips soft and hydrated for several hours. For more intensive lip care, apply a thick layer before bed. It will then act as an overnight deep moisture and healing mask.

How often do I need to re-apply?

Many customers only need to apply it once or twice a day. If you have very dry/ chapped lips or live in a harsh, particularly dry environment, you may need to reapply every 3-4 hours.

What does it smell like?

This balm has an earthy, slightly floral scent stemming from the natural ingredients it is formulated with. There is no added artificial scent.

Can I use this if I have cold sores or irritations on my lips?

Yes, it is! This balm is very soothing, it helps heal inflammations and irritations on the lips AND on any other area where you are experiencing a skin sensitivity.

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“By the time I decide what lip color I’m going to wear that day, it’s fully absorbed, leaving a nice, smooth base behind.”


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    I recommend this product
    • Age 50
    • Skin Type Combination/Oily

    Lip Restoration

    I first got this item few months ago in my allure monthly beauty box. I was using Rosebud lip balm for long time. But this lip restoration is so moisturizing, it has a shine when you put it on. Little goes long way so my last one lasted for awhile. It also has great scent . I love it

    Chrissy P.
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    • Age 35
    • Skin Type Normal

    Good Product/ Strange Smell

    This product is everything it says it is. It is lightweight and moisturizing. My only complaint is that it had a very strange earthy smell that is VERY strong which often keeps me from reaching for it instead of another balm.

    Danni .
    United States United States
    I recommend this product
    • Skin Type Normal

    Tin jar difficult to open 95% of the time

    I like this product it works well! The only issue I have is that the tin jar is difficult to open. I’ve had to throw the tin jar at the floor multiple times just to get lid off. It’s honestly very irritating, I might throw it away because it’s getting ridiculously impossible to open. Yes, I just spent 10 minutes trying to open the tin jar by throwing in at the ground 13 times. Other than that it’s great!

    Kate .
    Akar Skin

    Hi Kate, we're really sorry to hear that! Our team worked out a successful way of prying the tin jar open. You’ll need a small dish, a towel and an elastic band: 1. Fill the small dish with hot (but not boiling!) water from your tap. 70-80 degrees Celsius/158-176 degrees Fahrenheit would be good! 2. Gripping the bottom-half of the tin jar, dip the top-half into the water for fifteen seconds. This will cause the cap to expand 3. Remove from water and wipe completely dry with a towel 4. String the elastic band around the cap of the tin jar. Make sure it’s tight! 5. Twist as normal. The elastic band gives you extra grip, and the jar should open right up Please be assured that we’re listening to your feedback and taking this directly to our design team so that such a thing doesn’t happen again in the future!

    I recommend this product
    • Age 27
    • Skin Type Sensitive


    My lip cracked in the corner this winter and I tried everything! Vaseline, chapstick, lotions, creams everything! I tried this and my cracked skin healed in a week! It’s incredible and I’ve never voluntarily written a review about anything before and I just had to share!

    United States United States
    Akar Skin

    Thank you for taking the time to write this, Jaclyn! You deserve the best!

    I recommend this product
    • Age 22
    • Skin Type Dry

    Great product, terrible sample packaging

    Got this in my allure beauty box, and want to buy it again but wana just finish the rest of my tin. It came in the sample size and my hands were slippery and it shut completely shut and now I can’t reopen it. I’m really disappointed because I wanted to finish mine before buying a new one

    United States United States
    Akar Skin

    Hi Cara, thank you for your honest feedback! We're currently transitioning out of our tin packaging and hope to introduce a new design soon! In the meantime, our lip restoration is also available in a glass jar, which is easier to open :)

    I recommend this product
    • Age 27
    • Skin Type Combination/Oily


    I love this product I love how my lips feel and also it gives and how glossy they look. It also helps with preventing my lips from getting chapped.

    United States United States
    Akar Skin

    Thank you for the 5 star review, Evelyn! Here's to soft lips!

    I recommend this product
    • Age 60
    • Skin Type Sensitive

    Loving it!

    This has been really helpful for my dry lips. I decided to try it on my eye area before bed time and it is plumping the eye area to, with no clogging of my pores. I feel like it is sealing in my peptide serum and I look more rested upon awakening. Highly recommended!

    Jeanne .
    United States United States


    Very nice, so far I really like this lip treatment

    Melody G.
    United States United States
    • Skin Type Combination/Oily

    Best lip treatment I have found to this day!

    I am absolutely in love with this lip treatment! Lightweight, lightly fragranced, non sticky, and oh so nourishing! I would love to have this in a squeeze tube, that is the only thing I would change! Can be used in other ways also! Absolutely recommend!

    United States United States
    • Age 23
    • Skin Type Sensitive

    Simply fantastic!! Must buy!

    This is a product that is fantastic and very simple. With only a few natural ingredients, it gets more than the job done and is worth every cent. Would definitely recommend!!

    United States United States
    Akar Skin

    Thank you Karla! Hope you are loving your soft lips!

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