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    Combination, oily or imbalanced skin is nothing to fear. Whether that is due to excessive sebum production, imbalanced pH, or juggling the divergent needs of different skin zones on your face, our 2-step Clarify Essentials routine targets the entire spectrum of skin concerns and needs essential for combination and oily skin to thrive. With this minimalist yet effective skincare routine, balanced, calm, nourished skin is only 2 steps away!

    After cleansing, uplift and hydrate your skin with Balance Toning Mist. Packed with organic floral waters to deliver crucial hydration deep into the skin, our toner is also formulated to relieve acne with anti-inflammatory ingredients, balance pH and prevent pores clogging thanks to gently exfoliating BHAs.

    Hydration retention and moisturizing is just as important for oily/combination skins! Properly moisturized skin does not overcompensate by overproducing sebum and is therefore less likely to result in acne flare ups. After toning, lock hydration and moisture with our luxuriously nourishing yet fast-absorbing Clarify Face Oil which in addition to delivering indispensable antioxidants, vitamins & fatty acids, provides anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory care to heal existing acne and prevent future breakouts. Thanks to its brightening properties, past acne scars progressively fade to reveal a more even and radiant complexion.

    Suitable for oily, combination, congested and acne-prone skin.


I have never been able to find a moisturizer that doesnt make me break out... until this.

I received an Akar soothe as an Ipsy sample and decided to try the clarify. Im so happy I did, I am amazed at the difference in the appearance of my skin in such a short time period. I would have never imagined that an oil product would work on my skin.


- Lisa

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Thank goodness for taking a chance on this!

It's been two months and i have none of my previous symptom's: dryness, patchyness, flakeyness-gone, no redness sores - all gone! I am able to wear make up, and even with the situation of wearing face masks, my skin is doing Great thanks to what i call my Skinhero duo! Thank you AKAR for creating such a great natural safe product, im so surprised, but soo thankful!


- Sabrina

Akar Skin, Clarify Essentials, Balance Toner, Clarify Face Oil, skincare products, illustration, clean beauty, infograph
Akar Skin, Clarify Essentials, Balance Toner, Clarify Face Oil, skincare products, illustration, clean beauty, infograph
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✔️ Boost hydration retention

✔️ Balance pH

✔️ Calm inflammation

✔️ Reduce Excess sebum

✔️ Nourish

✔️ Heal & prevent breakouts

✔️ Fade acne scars

✔️ Moisturize & protect

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