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Full Ingredients

Deemed the "Holy Water" by Allure, this non-sticky Rose and Neroli scented mist sets gently into the skin, providing deep hydration, improving overall elasticity, while simultaneously keeping the pH value of the skin’s acid mantle layer at the optimum level. Salicylic acid from White Willow Bark is both anti-microbial and exfoliating, helping prevent build-up in pores as well as acne-related issues. Stem cell extracts from the rare Saffron flower contain antioxidants and carotenoids which aids the epidermis in repair and regeneration. Last but not least, Balance enables greater absorption of nutrients by lowering the skin’s surface tension, which means that all the good stuff – in this toner, and everything you apply next - will be fully absorbed, right into your skin.

Our luxury samples are totally reusable, last up to 2 weeks, sometimes even longer, and are guaranteed to make you fall in love with Akar Skin. Formulated with only the best ingredients that will regenerate your skin for a smoother and brighter appearance. Select up to three unique samples with your order and just click checkout!

0.2oz / 5ml

How To

Shake well before use. Mist 3 – 5 times onto skin. Use after cleansing and before oils. Can also be used as a setting spray after make-up and throughout the day as a little pick-me-up.

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Key Superfoods

Rose Distillate

Antioxidant – Treats oxidative stress and protects skin cells from free radical damage

Orange Blossom Distillate

Anti-inflammatory – Provides relief to aggrieved skin and relieves redness

White Willow Bark Extract

Salicylic acid – Exfoliates and clear congested pores, resulting in brightened complexion

Saffron Stem Cells

Plant stem cells – Aids the epidermal cells in repair and regeneration, resulting in smoother overall visage and greater skin elasticity

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Why should I use a toner in my routine?

A toner is important as it restores hydration to your skin after cleansing and improves your skin’s ability to better absorb the next products you layer on.

Is this vegan?

Yes! Balance is a vegan product, formulated with only plant-based ingredients and preservatives.

Will this dry out my skin?

Not at all! Balance is formulated without alcohol or any other drying ingredient.

I have irritations & inflammations, can this help?

Yes! With its all-natural, vegan and gentle formula, Balance is suited for all skin types and provides instant relief to skin sensitivities.

What does it smell like?

Balance has a refreshing and uplifting floral scent derived from the natural ingredients used in the formula. No artificial fragrances added.

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“By the time it sinks in, my complexion is bright, smoother and softer. Plus, I smell ever so faintly like a garden.”


Our Clean Pledge

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    I recommend this product
    • Age 30
    • Skin Type Combination/Oily


    I have got this magic in a bottle with my Allure beauty box.I have oily-combo skin and this feels so good on my skin. It makes it balanced and soft-smell is ok .it absorbes quickly.need to buy this people

    A Akar Skin Customer
    Tatev P.
    Armenia Armenia
    Akar Skin

    It sure is Holy Water indeed! Thank you for leaving us a review :)

    I recommend this product
    • Age 39
    • Skin Type Dry

    Good Toner

    I love this toner, the only thing is it's a bit expensive so I can not always purchase it when I need to.

    Suzanne K.
    United States United States
    Akar Skin

    Hi Suzanne, glad to hear that you're loving our toner! Just wanted to let you know that we offer a subscription option where you can save 15% on your purchase. You can also set the frequency of the order and cancel anytime. Hope this helps :)

    I recommend this product
    • Age 41
    • Skin Type Combination/Oily

    Really makes a difference!

    I received your toner via my Allure monthly beauty box a while back and now I have bought it again and again and I love love love this toner- the first to work with my skin in an amazing way. So glad it was in the box! It is something I will never be without in my skin care routine!!!

    Theresa .
    United States United States
    Akar Skin

    Thank you, Theresa! We're happy to be an essential in your skincare routine!

    I recommend this product
    • Age 37
    • Skin Type Combination/Oily

    What I’ve always looked for in a toner

    I received a sample of this toner with my Allure beauty box and I couldn’t be happier I did :) I have combination skin and have always struggled to find a toner that wouldn’t make my skin feel stripped and dry afterwords, this toner is the opposite of that, it leaves my skin feeling soft and balanced. Love it !!!!!

    Leia O.
    United States United States
    Akar Skin

    Thank you Leia!

    I recommend this product
    • Age 27
    • Skin Type Combination/Oily

    Best toner ever

    Toner is great, helped even my complexion.

    Sarah U.
    United States United States
    Akar Skin

    Thank you, Sarah!

    I recommend this product
    • Age 40
    • Skin Type Combination/Oily

    I’m in LOVE

    Wow!! I have never really had much faith in toners because i could never really see a difference in my skin but I would use Rose water in hopes that it would benefit me over time. Fast forward, i received the Balance toner in my Allure Beauty box and I was impressed by glass bottle but even more so by what’s in it!!! Unfortunately after i turned 40 i started getting crazy hormonal acne!! And nothing seemed to help much until this little baby entered my life! I saw results in two or three days! I love this stuff and I think we are going to have a long term relationship

    Akar Skin

    Aw~ we love you too, Jamie! We are so happy to hear that your skin has improved with us! P.S. if you're interested, check out our monthly giveaway to win 50% off your next order :)

    I recommend this product
    • Age 30
    • Skin Type Sensitive

    Allure made me do it

    Significant results after using for about a week. I received the balance toner in my allure beauty box and game over. I just wish I would have keep the pamphlet that comes in the box to use the discount code.

    AS sauma
    United States United States
    Akar Skin

    Thanks for the love, Andria! We offer a welcome discount on first time orders if you sign up for our mailing list :)

    I recommend this product
    • Age 20
    • Skin Type Combination/Oily


    Bought the product because I got a sample from allure, and it’s amazing!!! The application is super easy and feels amazing on the skin!

    Jazmin M.
    United States United States
    Akar Skin

    Thanks for the love, Jazmin!

    I recommend this product
    • Age 70
    • Skin Type Normal

    Great like all Akar Products

    This toner prepares my face fo what comes next. It leaves my skin feeling clean and well taken care of.

    Joanne P.
    United States United States
    Akar Skin

    We love you too, Joanne!

    I recommend this product
    • Age 26
    • Skin Type Sensitive


    when i go to the gym, to work, to - anywhere! I bring this toner along with me. a little spritz and i'm ready to rule the day! i love the smell, and how the nozzle sprays the right amount. living in the heat of Hong Kong, this product keeps me fresh and confident.

    Cammie W.
    Hong Kong SAR China Hong Kong SAR China
    Akar Skin

    We love you too, Cammie ❤️

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