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Sea Buckthorn and Goji Berries, along with our key values, was the genesis of Akar. Every single one of our ingredients is sourced with these same principles in mind - sustainability harvested, completely natural plant actives for maximum nourishment. No synthetics, no hidden ingredients, and nothing less than the golden standard for your skin.

Click here to access our Ingredients Glossary, an illustrated encyclopedia of our complete ingredients library.

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Hand-picked from an environment untouched by pollution, our partner farm engages in practices that are sustainable for both the ecosystem as well as the local Tibetan community

Super-charged nutrients

Adapting to the extreme climates at a 3000 m altitude, these Tibetan Plateau natives boast a nutritional profile several times greater than varieties grown elsewhere, with double the vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals concentrations

Ancient medicine

The legendary healing properties of goji berry and sea buckthorn have long been known to man, recorded in ancient Tibetan medical texts from as early as the 8th century

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