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  BALANCE toning mist

"I didn’t realize what a toning mist could do for me until I tried this one. My pores are visibly smaller and my skin looks smooth and healthy. Definitely keeping this toning mist in my skin care routine. Thank for making a great skin care product!"

  PURE lip butter

"I did two rounds of Accutane in my early 20’s (I’m now 45) and unfortunately one of the lingering side effects for me (along with impaired night vision) has been chronically dry lips. I have tubes of Carmex, Blistex, and more recently pure lanolin in every jacket pocket, my purse, my car, and in every drawer. I seriously almost panic If I can’t find something to soothe my lips as often as I need... THIS balm has the BEST of each of the products I’ve listed. It is soft, not at all sticky, very emollient, and stays on without having to reapply every hour. It is kind of a huge splurge for me, but the sample actually lasted quite a while and I’m so hooked on Akar products — it truly is worth it."

  CLARIFY face oil

"This is by far the most transformational face product I've ever used and even better it's all natural!!! The winter dried my skin out and I started breaking out around my mouth. It was also so irritated, red, and sore.. even with the lotion I was using. And I felt like by the end of the day my face was so oily. This stuff in a matter of three days cleared up my breakout, I have zero redness, and it smoothed out and makes my pores smaller. It's wild. Even though it's oil my skin soaks it up and it doesn't leave it greasy! Also, I don't even wash my face in the morning, in just add a little but if oil. Wait like 20 min and then do my regular make up!"

  full set (part 1)

"As someone who struggles with stress and basically just creates a world of bad skin for herself, I tried mant different products... and honestly they all worked temporarily, or so I thought. After using those I would either start breaking out or just realize that it wasn't really changing anything at all. Eventually I got fed up and stopped using products altogether just accepting the fact that I had no way of saving it and hoped that it was just hormonal. However, I stumbled across this after watching a youtubers skincare routine (Sianlilly I believe), and thought that the fact that it was made of natural oils might be something I needed. I dished out the 300ish dollars for this set and wished myself good luck. It came in after about 3 or 4 days and I have been using it everyday for about 4 months now and my skin has never felt so great. Its feels soft and squishy and looks hydrated. I used to have randomly dry and randomly oily skin but this has helped regulate my skin. My scars are lightening, I've only experienced a handful of pimples ( mostly because of my picky hands finding imperfections to irritate, otherwise literally only 1 natural pimple) and I don't feel the need to wear makeup because I am now confident in my own skin. If skin troubles worry you, I say it's a good idea to try this set out. It's worth it to pay the money to be able to walk with your head held high."

  BALANCE toning mist

"This toning mist is wonderful! My skin was in bad condition after the past winter months (very dry!), but this has brought me back to normal. It’s improved the texture of my skin and tightened my pores. I no longer worry about dry patches or blackheads showing up on my face. Truly happy to have this as a part of my routine."

  RESTORE eye serum

"This works very well, my husband noticed a difference in my eyes after a week of using it. That says a lot because he doesn't notice anything." 


RUBY lip butter

"I only choose to write reviews for items I absolutely love! and I absolutely love this Lip Butter! I received a sample of this Lip butter in my Allure Beauty Box and OMG... I am in love! this stuff just melts onto my lips and instantly moisturizes them without the heavy lip balm/gloss feel. I also love the slight tint and natural look it gives my lips. This really has become my holy grail of Lip butters!"