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W H Y   A K A R ?

Because our number one priority is your skin.

With Akar you’ll know exactly what ingredients are nourishing your skin because we are 100% transparent with what goes into our formulations. No toxins, chemicals, or non-natural fillers. 

We believe that everyone should have access to clean skincare that is good for their health and for the environment, this is why we strive to keep our products accessible to everyone. 

Our ingredients are sustainably sourced and bottled with your skin, health, and our environment in mind. 

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T H E   O R I G I N S

Our Founding Three Pillars

“Akar” means white crystal in Tibetan, and symbolizes purity, wellness and new beginnings. Kate Chen, founder of Akar, sorely needed these three pillars when the stressful demands of her corporate banking career saw her hospitalized on a business trip to London.

This was a huge turning point in her life. Quitting her job and taking a much-needed break, she flew to Tibet to re-ground herself and heal. But it turned out that Tibet had more to offer than rest and respite. The ancient land was fertile with wisdom, and it was here where Kate learned that healing is a cyclical task that starts from within. This is where our three pillars meet.

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A N C I E N T   W I S D O M   A N D   M O D E R N   T E C H N O L O G Y

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Tibetan Origins

Sea Buckthorn and Goji berries have been valued for centuries for their amazing healing benefits due to their high concentrations of vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Kate witnessed first-hand the effects these fruits had on her skin. From here she envisioned incorporating these special ingredients into a healing skincare she could share with the world.

These two miracle berries form the key ingredients of our collection and are sourced directly from the Tibetan Plateau, also known as the Third Pole of the world. Learn more about them here

"When the skin is nourished, the heart and mind can be full."

F R O M   U S   T O   Y O U

Heartfelt Promise

Akar is committed to delivering the purest, nutrient-dense products created with only one thing in mind – your wellness. Present-day consumers are increasingly concerned with the origins of the ingredients they put on their skin, whether the packaging is recycled, reusable, and sustainably sourced; and whether the manufacturing carbon footprint is as low as possible. These are the standards that Akar is committed to, and are the values that you help support whenever you purchase one of our products.

Beauty is in everyone, for everyone. Through Akar, we want to encourage mindfulness through skincare, and to allow wisdom to permeate every inch of one’s skin and soul, from a single glass bottle of Tibetan-inspired goodness to you.

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