Kate's Story

Kate started in the world of investment banking. The corporate lifestyle demanded a fast pace with long work hours and little time for anything else.

On a business trip to London, Kate’s stomach gave out and she was rushed into emergency surgery.

The surgery prompted Kate to take a break. As she stepped back and evaluated her life, she realized that change was sorely needed. Taking a trip to Tibet was the first step of her recovery, as it seemed to be the polar opposite of her previous lifestyle.

But it turned out Tibet had more to offer than rest and resort.

The ancient land was fertile with wisdom and knowledge, apparent in the generosity of the locals. This way of life is deeply rooted in the culture, as Tibetans are conscious about maintaining a harmonious balance with the environment.

"When the skin is nourished, the heart and mind can be full."

In Tibet, Kate came across what would become Akar's two core ingredients, sea buckthorn and goji berry and learned about their time-honed benefits. The raw, unadulterated nature of these berries touched her on a personal level. After incorporating these ingredients into her skincare routine, she felt the need to share her fruitful results and that was how Akar came about.

While her journey began as a result of her poor health, she feels that self-care should be part of our daily regimen. Skincare is a deeply intimate process that encourages you to set aside time and care for yourself. To Kate, Akar embodies these ideas of self-love; its Tibetan origins inspire calm to the touch. 

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