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Our quest for sustainability is a constant work-in-progress as we strive to learn, educate - and make meaningful changes happen.

Sustainable Practices

Our sea buckthorn and goji berries are wild-harvested once a year by Tibetan farmers. This practice ensures that the farm’s ecosystem remains healthy and thriving, continuing to bear fruit year after year. Our partner farm creates long-term employment for their workers, and simultaneously supports education for local children through their SeaBerry Poverty Relief Fund.

We are proud to share our success with the very people without whom the Akar brand wouldn’t exist. Our gratitude extends to the Tibetans who work with us, as well as to our global community of customers for joining us in our efforts for economic empowerment and environmental preservation in the Tibetan Plateau.

Akar Skin, field, green, sky, sun, light, blue, nature, plant, vegan, green, clean beauty

Conscious Packaging

We don’t just stop at creating clean, responsibly produced skincare. We also look for the same sustainability and transparency standards in our packaging. 

Our box packaging is printed with soy ink and paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. FSC is an organization that certifies the paper used in manufacturing is sourced from forests or other sources that are responsibly managed.  

Our red bottles are made entirely of glass. Glass does not require non-renewable energy sources in its manufacturing, poses no risk of contamination; and is reusable, recyclable and decomposes faster than plastic.

Our samples packaging is durable and highly reusable. They can be refilled from your full-size products to bring along on travels or staycations so that you will never be without your favorite skincare.

Akar Skin, Balance Toner, skincare, flowers, vase, reuse, glass bottles, recycle, environment, clean, green beauty

What’s next?

When it comes to sustainability, our approach is a constant work-in-progress. Every year, we take steps to educate ourselves, assess possibilities and effect positive changes across our activities, from formulating, sourcing, manufacturing and packaging. Our broad goals are to limit packaging waste, encourage refill and reuse, and to reduce our carbon footprint one step at a time.

Looking into the future, we aim to:

- Offer larger sizes and biodegradable refills to reduce the production of new glass packaging

- Source sugarcane plastic packaging for an upcoming product line

- Engage our suppliers and partners in conversation to invest into more sustainable options

Akar Skin, Balance Toner, skincare, flowers, vase, reuse, glass bottles, recycle, environment, clean, green beauty

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