Tibetan inspired

"Akar" means white crystal in Tibetan, symbolizing attributes of purity, wellness, and new beginnings. 

Instilled with a generous and humble mindset, Tibetans live minimally and give back whenever they can. This minimalist lifestyle of simply using only what is necessary and removing anything in excess stems from the concept of de-cluttering. While many of us are familiar with the physical rituals of de-cluttering, Tibetans take this one step further by clearing their minds, desires, and thoughts to focus on the more important aspects of life and their highest priorities.

Tibetans place a high value on inner beauty and believe that it is more important than its physical counterpart. In a world driven by physical illusions, Tibet remains as one of the few cultures that is able to look past exteriors to view inner beauty and outer beauty as one. To take a humble approach to beauty is to take a step towards kindness; whereby one delves deep into their consciousness to create a sense of self awareness and peace within themselves and their surroundings.

Compassion is deeply rooted in the interdependence of all things in life – we are a part of the world’s ecology and the world is extremely benevolent to us. Tibetans believe that we need to be compassionate to our surroundings as it helps sustain and nurture us. To do so, we have to extend our kindness to Mother Earth and help relieve the burden of pollution on our surroundings. This philosophy has been ingrained in the minds of Tibetans for generations, cultivating a nation in tune with nature. 

To us, mindfulness encompasses humility, kindness, and compassion - values that are the very essence of the Tibetan lifestyle

Slow beauty

It is these values commonly seen amongst Tibetans from all walks of life, which inspired us to create a ritual that is effortless and uncomplicated for the modern day user. Like a deep meditation practice, we endeavor to promote slow beauty: the act of caring for self and skin by simplifying and suspending time while performing gentle skincare rituals.

akar red

Tibetan red is a life force. It is fiery passion, representing the strength of their will as it adorns the walls inside their temples and outside their palace. It is also earthly solemnity, representing dignity, devotion, and their pride for their culture and way of life.

Unlock the mysteries of beauty wisdom with akar red.

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