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In the last twenty years, the beauty industry has seen a huge shift in trends and perceptions, with modern formulations pushing the frontiers of our daily skin care products. Such advancements have led to growing consumer concerns about the topical use of synthetics and thus propelled the green beauty industry from niche to mainstream.

Today’s consumers are more aware of what goes into their products, and more importantly, the impacts of their consumption. We believe that transparency and environmental preservation goes hand in hand as part of the clean beauty movement.

Our mission is to contribute to the revival of the clean and effective beauty industry without compromising on our environmental impact. We seek to refine clean beauty standards and believe in taking a holistic approach to beauty that incorporates personal wellness and the health of our planet.

The color red is an intense color packed with emotions. Often associated with meanings of confidence, power, and courage - the color conveys feelings of joy and excitement. In Tibet, the color red symbolizes life force and preservation, whereby the very core of it is wisdom. Akar was inspired by the meaning behind Tibetan red - to be a source of beauty percipience for those who seek it.

Core Values

The word "Akar" is Tibetan for white crystal. Clear or white crystals are known to enhance the attributes of purity, wellness, and new beginnings. 

At Akar, we are committed to delivering the purest and most nutrient-dense products created with your wellness in mind. We source traditional ingredients like sea buckthorn and goji berries from Tibet's high plateaus, an area known for its clean air, soil, and sustainable growing and harvesting practices. When not sourcing in Tibet, we look to secure organic and wild-harvested ingredients from growers who care for our Earth. 

Like a deep meditation practice, we endeavour to promote slow beauty: the act of caring for self and skin by simplifying and suspending time while performing gentle skincare rituals.