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Soothe Cleansing Milk: Rich, Smooth, Cleansing Treatment For Your Best Skin


This rich smooth cleansing treatment cleanses and calms any irritation to promote a softer, supple and healthy glowing skin. Formulated with a blend of select plant actives that keep skin looking and feeling its best at all times. Try it, your skin will thank you.

Cleans and brightens for softer youthful skin

Smooths appearance of fine lines

Calms irritation and reduces redness

Gentle non-stripping formula


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Calm, Replenish and Revitalize for youthful glowing Skin

"It honestly feels like I’m wrapping my skin in milky goodness and it smells HEAVENLY." - Nicole Berrie @bonberi

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Carefully crafted ingredients that heal and nourish

White Orchid Milk: Smoothes and strengthens your skin

Rose Damascena: Calms irritation and reduces redness

Green Pea Peptides: Provides antioxidant protection 

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Lifts away impurities and makeup

Smoothes appearances of fine lines

Heals, calms irritation & brightens

Reveals glowing skin

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"So good my husband steals it"

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The product is so good, what you're getting for what you're paying? It's a steal.


My face feels supple. After a few days, my skin is healthier than ever. I'm glowing!


A few days in my husband (who is incredibly oblivious) asked me what I had been doing to my skin.


When my skin is feeling parched, this is such a soothing spray that makes my face feel incredible.


Perfect for my skin, super gentle exfoliation, clears pores.


First let me start with customer service; in a word? Impeccable.


"The formula is hydrating and flattering" - Patricia Alfonso Tortolani, Beauty director and editorial projects director

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"These skin care products super safe and they're also highly effective - what more could you ask for" - Shea Simmons, Bustle

"This Tibetan beauty line is both organic and exotic, and has the perk if absolutely lust-worthy packaging. They are USDA certified, a certification that is not easy to come by." Wright, Yahoo.

Your Secret to Healthy, Hydrating & Youthful Skin

Unlock the power of deep hydration for long-lasting healthy skin.