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    Unleash new levels of radiance and skin health with our Radiate bundle - simultaneously rebalancing, smoothing and brightening your complexion with our 2 powerful oil treatments, Clarify Face Oil & Restore Eye Serum. From uneven skin tone, dark under eyes to acne scars, this pair delivers a double brightening and hydration-locking action that will give your complexion a youthful glow, and naturally bring back the spotlight to your eyes.

    Moisturizing with our sebum-balancing Clarify Face Oil is the best clearing, smoothing, and brightening treatment you can give to combination, oily and acne-prone skin. Its superfoods-charged formula is lightweight and dual-purpose, simultaneously combating active acne and preventing the development of new flare-ups. Its healing properties lessens pigmentation to even out the complexion, relieve inflamed skin, and reduce excessive sebum production. 

    Properly care for the most delicate but oh so crucial eye region with Restore Eye Serum. This luxurious oil-based concentrated serum delivers all the essential nutrients the skin around the eyes needs to feel revitalized and deeply nourished. Our formula reduces sensitivities and puffiness, fades the appearance of fine lines and dark circles and stimulates collagen production - thus resulting in a smooth, youthful and bouncy look.

    Suitable for oily, combination, congested and acne-prone skin.


Love this for acne!!

I’ve been battling terrible cystic acne for a few years now in my early twenties. Lately I’ve been too scared to even use a moisturizer even though I need to keep skin healthy. It’s a paradox. But finally I got this oil and my skin loved it! My skin is so calm and moisturized and glowy now. Amazing product and best ingredients.


- Blake

Akar Skin, Clarify Face Oil, oily, combination, acne skin, anti-microbial, clean beauty, luxury skincare, vegan

Totally addicted to this oil-based serum

I was so excited to try this product when it came in the mail. This was my first time using oil-based serum and was pleasantly surprised at how calming it felt to my under-eye area when applied.Love everything about this serum so far, and can’t wait to try the other products!


- Jess

Akar Skin, Restore Eye Serum, hand, product, skincare shot, photography, clean beauty
Akar Skin, Radiate Bundle, Clarify Face Oil, Restore Eye Serum, skincare products, illustration, clean beauty, infograph
Akar Skin, Radiate Bundle, Clarify Face Oil, Restore Eye Serum, skincare products, illustration, clean beauty, infograph
Akar Skin, face shot, girl, model, skincare, product, application, dropper, hand, beauty


✔️ Lock hydration

✔️ Nourish & moisturize

✔️ Smooth texture

✔️ Fade pigmentation and dark circles

✔️ Oil control

✔️ Prevent acne

✔️ Lessen appearance of fine lines

✔️ Reduce inflammation and puffiness

Akar Skin, EWG Verified, certification, non-toxic, safe, Environmental Working Group, Tibetan inspired skincare
Akar Skin, plant-based formulations, leaf icon, superfoods, vegetarian, vegan ingredients, Tibetan inspired skincare
Akar Skin, bunny icon, cruelty free, no animal testing, Tibetan inspired skincare
Akar Skin, sustainably manufactured, water drop icon, Tibetan inspired skincare

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