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  • For all skin types

    Our Little Loves pairs our all-time favorites - Balance Toner and Pure Lip Restoration - in one sweet, affordable bundle that is perfect for her, him, those with sensitive skin and everyone in-between! If you’re new to Akar, these minis are the best way to try our 5-star bestsellers! If you’re a seasoned Akar fan, this set is great to keep our holy grails by your side no matter where you go. And if you’re searching for gifts, look no further than this luxurious palm-sized set!

    Balance is a pH balancing, hydrating and exfoliating formula that will leave your skin feeling as smooth and fresh as a rose. Did you know? This mini Balance was previously featured exclusively in an Allure Beauty Box. Available now only in this bundle, while limited supplies last!

    Pure is THE remedy for winter woes! This creamy yet lightweight multipurpose butter will heal and soften cracked lips, nourish dry spots and soothe irritations wherever they may be.

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What I've always looked for in a toner

I received a sample of this toner with my Allure beauty box and I couldn't be happier I did :) I have combination skin and have always struggled to find a toner that wouldn’t make my skin feel stripped and dry afterwords, this toner is the opposite of that, it leaves my skin feeling soft and balanced. Love it !!!!!

- Leia O.

Akar Skin, Balance Toner, hydrating, exfoliating, pH balancing, all skin types, travel size

The best thing I have ever used on my lips.. period.

My son has severely chapped lips and a sensory issue with the texture of chap sticks… But with this, its worth the struggle to get him to wear it because putting it on at night makes a huge miraculous difference when he wakes up in the morning. I use it on myself, my husband, and when it gets cold we use it on the baby. If the wind is really nippy we use it on his cheeks to soothe them and it works beautifully.  

- Alexandra V.

Akar Skin, Pure Lip Restoration, hydrating, nourishing, antioxidant, body balm, skincare, luxury

Our Clean Pledge

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