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    Set the right foundation for your skincare routine and attain clear, healthy skin with our wallet-friendly, all natural, anti-acne starter kit.

    Clarify Cleanser is a refreshing gel cleanser designed to exfoliate pores and eliminate pimple-causing bacteria. Its “triple threat” formula – non-drying, non-stripping and non-foaming – calms inflamed acne and enables the skin to retain hydration and moisture, thereby preventing new breakouts from developing.

    After cleansing, prep your skin with our hydrating Balance Toning Mist, which helps to restore essential hydration and keep sebum production under control. Key ingredients work to balance the skin pH and gently exfoliate the pores, keeping them smooth, tight and unclogged, and ready for all the next steps of your routine.

    Together, the synergy of the two products restore the skin to its optimal balance and health. The result: clear, plump, more luminous complexion that is here to stay – for good.

    Suitable for normal, oily, combination, congested and acne-prone skin.


My Cleansing Savior

Since I have combination acne prone skin it is very hard to find a cleanser that is not overly stripping but makes my skin feel clean. I don’t need an super foamy cleanser but I need a little bit, cream cleansers really don’t work for me… So when I tried this cleanser out for a week I almost immediately started to notice positive changes to my skin… I have not seen my skin soooo good in so long.


- Kasey C.

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A keeper

This is lovely! I had a few impurities about a week ago, more than I usually have, and decided to test this toning mist. Within a couple of days my impurities were gone. I loved the calming and hydrating effect it had on my skin, and the subtle scent. Very fresh and natural.


- Lena

Akar Skin, Balance Toner, hydrating, moisturizing toner, exfoliating, rosewater, luxury, clean beauty, mist, hand, skin
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✔️ Calms inflammations

✔️ Stop and prevent acne

✔️ Decongest pores

✔️ Reduce excess sebum

✔️ Balance pH

✔️ Hydrate

✔️ Brighten and fade acne scars

✔️ Smooth texture

Akar Skin, EWG Verified, certification, non-toxic, safe, Environmental Working Group, Tibetan inspired skincare
Akar Skin, plant-based formulations, leaf icon, superfoods, vegetarian, vegan ingredients, Tibetan inspired skincare
Akar Skin, bunny icon, cruelty free, no animal testing, Tibetan inspired skincare
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