Summer Hydration Tips

It's no secret that the Summer heat can be harsh on the skin you worked so hard to keep beautifully hydrated all Winter & Spring long. That's why it's important to adjust some everyday habits to ensure your skin has the refreshing glow it deserves! Here is a list of a few habits we found that will make a world of a difference.

1. Exfoliate Regularly
Summer sun exposure dries out your skin leaving you with dead skin cells that often make your skin look dull. Exfoliating regularly leaves your skin with a healthy glow. You can purchase an all-natural exfoliator or make one at home. A couple of weeks ago we wrote about a few DIY exfoliation recipes, read it here!  We recommend exfoliating 1-2 times a week if you are a dry/normal skintype or up to 3 times if you are considered to have oily skin. 

2. Drink, Drink, DRINK!
A nice rule of thumb that we find handy is if your water bottle next to you is full, you aren't drinking enough... if it's empty, then it's time to fill it up! Believe it or not, most people do not even drink half as much water as they should to reach their healthy daily intake, which is about 2 liters every day. Drinking water is the easiest way to ensure your body is hydrated, including your skin, so drink up!

3. Clean, Green Diet
Eating clean sounds boring & difficult, but it's actually quite easy! By ensuring you are eating healthy greens daily, you body is filled with nutrients that hydrate your skin & fill you with vitamins that promote healthy living. Becoming a Green Machine will make you feel & look beautiful - read a few of our tips on which greens to look out for here.

4. Skincare Routine
Last, but CERTAINLY not least, is implementing a strong skincare routine everyday, twice a day. We recommend using our Full Set (available for dry/normal skin and oily/combination/sensitive skin) from start to finish. 

Step 1: Cleanse by using your favorite all-natural cleanser or exfoliator.
Step 2: Spray our Balance Toning Mist 2-3 times to rid your skin of free radicals.
Step 3: Apply a few drops of the face oil appropriate for your skin type, Clarify Face Oil is recommended for oily/combination/sensitive skin & Soothe Face Oil is best for dry/normal skin. 
Step 4: Avoid dark circles & fine lines by lightly dabbing 1-2 drops of the Restore Eye Serum in the under eye area.
Step 5: Don't forget your lips! Swipe on a coat of your favorite Pure Lip Restoration for supple lips all day long.

Akar Skin prides itself in sourcing highest grade natural ingredients that are organic, wild harvested or gathered from the Tibetan plateau. Being 100% natural means every Akar product is biocompatible with the body, enhancing your skin's ability to repair and renew itself. Indulge in nature's finest.

Experience a moment of tranquility in your self-care routine. Unwind and let Akar reveal your best skin. 

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