Spring Skin Tips

Ahh spring… the sweet-spot of the seasons filled with beautiful sunlight, barbeques, and picnics. As one of the more highly anticipated seasons, spring is always welcomed with an array of outdoor events, festivals, and perhaps, new routines. The transition from winter to spring usually comes with a bout of spring allergies or fever and let’s face it – we’re not one to stay in bed when the weather is at its best. To combat that spring flu, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to prep yourself for spring and enjoy the ultimate perfect weather.


Manage your immune system

    When the season changes, our body suffers as it adjusts to the rapid temperature change and our immune system gets weaker. As such, we become vulnerable to colds and diseases during this period of time. To avoid falling into such pitfalls, it is important to boost your immune system before spring comes. Here are some tips that can help strengthen your immune system and keep your body in tip top condition.

    1. Always bring your jacket out

      Your body might find it difficult to adjust to the huge temperature difference throughout the day. Make sure you bring a cardigan or jacket with you to maintain a stable internal temperature.

      2. Control the indoor humidity

      Use a heater or humidifier to control the indoor humidity. When the indoor humidity is below 40%, it increases your risk of rhinitis and asthma. The optimum spring relative humidity range falls between 45%-55%; anything above that breeds bacteria, mould, and mites so try to ensure that your indoor humidity levels are within that range.

      3. Stick to light exercises but avoid exercising excessively

      Many people begin to exercise as the weather gets warmer. However, our biorhythm change can occur rapidly during the in-between seasons. Excessive exercise might damage your joints and ligaments, especially when you haven’t been exercising regularly during winter. Make sure you do enough warm-ups before starting any workouts!


      Keep your blood vessels strong

        There is a huge daily temperature difference during the season change. This rapid temperature change often causes your blood vessels to contract and expand excessively, potentially interrupting your blood circulation and leading to health problems such as numbness or edema. Hence it is important for you to take extra care to keep your blood vessels strong.

        1. Avoid exercising in the early hours

        Our blood pressure often increases during the early hours, which is why we recommend waiting for the sun to come out before you exercise. If you only have time to work out early in the morning, make sure you start your day with light walking instead of intense running.

        2. Control your cholesterol level with healthy foods

        Studies have found that the red meat, such as beef and lamb, have higher saturated fat, and can raise your blood cholesterol level. Try to reduce your meat consumption and opt for dishes with onions, asparagus, blueberries, and almonds. These foods are known to lower cholesterol levels.


        Extra care needed for your skin

          You need to take extra care of your skin – this goes without saying. The outer layer of your skin reacts sensitively to temperature changes and might dry out your skin. The transition from winter to spring skincare is one that must be handled with care.

          1. Balance out the moisture in your skin

          Healthy skin has the right balance of oil and moisture. When the season changes, our skin often lose that balance and require extra care. A good transition would be to use face oils to help your skin adjust to the weather and find its balance. While many moisturizing lotions clog your pores and cause breakouts, face oils on the other hand, help to control sebum.
          Try to use face oils (such as our Clarify Face Oil) to find that skin balance. While many moisturizing lotions have issues with clogging pores and leaving you with breakouts, perfectly blended face oils (with natural ingredients) leaves you with smoother skin!

          2. Always use sunscreen

          Our skin gets used to the low UV levels during the winter. When it meets the nice and warm Spring sunlight, it tries to produce extra melanin pigment. Excess melanin pigment causes your skin tone to darken while surfacing freckles. Exposure to UV light also takes away moisture from our skin, which is why it is essential that you use sunscreen in spring (and every other time of the year).
          (Tip: If you have sensitive skin or acne, try to stick to mineral sunscreens. They tend to be less irritating compared to the chemical sunscreens)

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