One Drop A Day Keeps the Wrinkles Away

Often times people will say our eyes tell the story of who we are... what trials we've had, give insight into how we are feeling and even how happy we are today. It's a beautiful thing! Unfortunately, however, that wonderful story of ours is often shown through fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, or even darkness around our eyes. Well, Our Restore Eye Serum is the ultimate preventative you need to control puffy eyes, dry skin, dark circles or even fine lines around the eyes. But how can 1 small product do so much? 



Why Restore Eye Serum Is So Special
Our eye serum is made up of very potent ingredients such as goji seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, mushroom extract & a wealth of nutritive plant extracts, rich in fatty acids, that tighten and rejuvenate tired skin. Unlike most of its competitors, Restore Eye Serum doesn't contain any fillers like water, thickeners, emulsifiers, or synthetics of any sort & only contains ingredients great for your skin! 

A Little Bit Goes A Long Way
Applying the eye serum is the last step of your skincare routine & very simple! See our suggested full skincare regimen listed below:

Step One: Cleanse - In the morning, invigorate your skin with a gentle exfoliator. In the evening, use an oil based cleanser to ensure the removal of all makeup/dirt from the day.
Step Two: Tone - Spritz a few sprays of our Balance Toning Mist to free your skin of unnecessary radicals. 
Step Three: Moisturize - Choose a facial oil that is perfect for you. If your skin is feeling dry & needs a little extra hydration, we'd recommend the Soothe Face Oil. The Clarity Face Oil is perfect if your skin is considered to be combination, oily, or sensitive.
Step Four: Eye Serum - Place 1 droplet of the Restore Eye Serum onto your fingertip and lightly tap around the eye. That's all!! 

Akar Skin prides itself in sourcing highest grade natural ingredients that are organic, wild harvested or gathered from the Tibetan plateau. Being 100% natural means every Akar product is biocompatible with the body, enhancing your skin's ability to repair and renew itself. Indulge in nature's finest. Experience a moment of tranquility in your self-care routine. Unwind and let Akar reveal your best skin. 

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