Juice Cleanse: The No Food Diet

Many moons ago, juice cleanses were once the trending diet amongst celebrities, yogis, and the like. Proponents of juice cleanses claim that it helps detox your liver and aids in weight loss. The introduction of such an extreme diet generated an ongoing debate of whether such cleanses were actually doing more harm than good. To this day, there has been no definite conclusion as to whether juice cleanses are ultimately good or bad for your health. With that in mind, we decided to take on a 3-day juice cleanse to experience what it has to offer. 

We had Kate sacrifice 3 days of eating to try 3 different levels of juice cleanses from Genie Juicery: beginner, intermediate, and expert. Here's her juice cleanse diary from the 3 days of cleansing (or torture, as she called it on her final day).

Day 1: Beginner
Today's set consists of a mix of fruits and veggie juices. This level was actually quite good and I didn't feel hungry at all. I definitely felt lighter and my stomach bloat was gone by the end of the day. I lost 1kg by the end of Day 1. 
Day 2: Intermediate
Woke up feeling much lighter than usual and my stomach was much flatter. There were more vegetable juices in today's mix, which meant that I had to use the bathroom more frequently than Day 1. Since Day 2's calorie intake was less than Day 1, I felt hungry in the afternoon but was fine after I added a packet of chia seeds to the juice. I lost 0.5kg by the end of Day 2.
Day 3: Expert
This day was miserable - green juices all the way. Surviving on only 760 calories, I felt hungry throughout the day and craved actual food. My stomach did feel lighter after these 3 days but I was ready to get back to eating real food. If I had to pick, I'd say the intermediate level was the best as it had a good balance of fruits and vegetables. I did feel like I've lost water weight and do feel refreshed afterwards, so I'd probably stick to a 1 day cleanse in the future. Overall, I would do another juice cleanse, but maybe only once every few months or so. Or as a supplement for me to get my nutrients. 
The jury's still out on this one, but it seems that one thing is clear: moderation is key. Juice cleanses may have benefits as long as the juice you're consuming is mostly vegetables (we get it, it might not necessarily taste that good with all those greens). If you're easily hungry, juice cleanses might not be the thing for you and you'd be better off eating real food. However, these juices might be able to provide you with your daily dose of vitamins that you weren't getting before. Our takeaway from this experience? Drink green juice to supplement your current diet. At the end of the day, every body's different so if juicing makes you feel good, go for it. And if it doesn't - stick to food. 



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