Guasha Massage

Guasha Massage


Key points to remember during this massage

  1. This is a lymphatic and muscular massage, so just like before a body massage it is important to stay hydrated before and after the massage.
  2. This massage should last 8-15 minutes, and should be done on a freshly cleansed face
  3. The pressure should be strong, though not to the point of pain. The best way I can describe it is “uncomfortable, though not painful”
  4. Use face oil during the massage. This will reduce the amount of tugging on the skin, so there are no adverse effects to the massage
  5. Move in the direction of your natural face contours
  6. Always use the rounded edge of the Guasha tool to prevent excessive tugging on the skin
  7. Begin with the chest and neck to clear the drainage passage for the face
  8. Work from the center of the face outward, beginning on the right side
  9. To break down wrinkles scrape the Guasha firmly across the area in short strokes to break down the stiffened collagen deposits—which forms wrinkles, before continuing in the direction of the hairline



Guasha Massage originated in China, and is used as a lymphatic massage to improve circulation, eliminate wrinkles, and slim the face.


Breakdown of Guasha Massage

 Chest and Neck

It is so important to begin with the chest and neck! The purpose of the massage is to promote drainage of the toxins from the face, and these will flow from the face down the neck and into the rest of the body through the lymph nodes under the ear. So if those channels are not clear, then the blockage is much harder to flow and circulate out of the system.

  1. Chest:

Begin at the center of the chest, just below the collar bone. Move outwards towards the shoulder following under the bone. Here you can move more forcefully than on the face, but there should still be no pain. Repeat 10-15 times on each side.

2. Collarbone:

Moving up to the collarbone, begin where the bone starts under the neck and slide the Guasha tool over the bone towards the shoulder. Then go back to the center and move above the bone, turning the tool horizontally to press directly above the bone while sliding toward the shoulder. After two or three strokes, move up to where the neck meets the shoulder and use the curved edge of the Guasha to press down to the shoulder. Repeat 10-15 times on each side before moving up to the neck.

3. Neck:

Start just behind the ear and use the Guasha to scrape downwards to the shoulder. Repeat 10-15 times and then move the starting point inwards under the jaw and repeat downwards. Continue moving slightly farther under the jaw with each stroke until reaching the centre of the neck. Repeat on the other side.


Forehead and Cheeks

  1. Upper Forehead:

Begin in the centre of the upper forehead and run the Guasha tool firmly towards the hairline above the temple, beginning towards the right. Each stroke taken should be slow and firm. Repeat 10 times on each side.

2. Lower Forehead:

Move the Guasha tool from the centre of the eyebrows along the brow bone to the sideburns and top of the ear. Again, work firmly and smoothly. Repeat 10 times on each side.

3. Wrinkle Target:

Start again at the middle of the eyebrows and push firmly upwards. Use short strokes and repetitive motions to break down any forming wrinkles and stimulate collagen productions.

4. Upper Cheek:

Take the corner of the Guasha tool and place it an inch below the inner corner of the eye. Move in a sweeping motion (first down and then up) along the cheekbone towards the ear slowly. Repeat 10 times on each side of the face

5. Lower cheek:

Place the tool next to the upper nostril indentation and move sweeping outwards again. This time move the tool below the cheekbone and across the lower cheek fat to sweep up again towards the ear. Move more firmly in the upward motion across the cheek fat to reduce swelling and promote circulation to the area, as lower cheeks have a tendency to stagnate drainage towards the lymph nodes.

6. Targeting the Naso-labial Fold (Smile Lines):

Set the tool perpendicular to the mouth, and right next to the corner of the lips. Press firmly and stroke upwards towards the bottom of the ear in short strokes, much like the forehead wrinkles. If you’re lips are not sensitive, you can even start at the center of the mouth under the philtrum and move out towards the corner of the mouth before continuing.


Eyes and Nose 

  1. Upper Eyes:

Beginning over the eyebrow, move the Guasha lightly and slowly using short scraping motions around to the temple and press for three seconds at that point. Repeat 3 times on each side.

2. Inner Eyes:

Take the tool to the lower eye and press gently about a half centimeter below and left of the inner corner by the nose. This is an acupressure point and will help relax the muscles as well as promote sinus drainage. Hold for 5 seconds and repeat as often as you like, but be sure to press gently as the skin around your eyes is thin and sensitive.

3. Under Eye:

Using the same slow and gentle scrapping motion as before, bring the Guasha tool along the under eye bag, holding the tool at a 45* angle. Move along the natural curve of your eye socket, above the cheekbone. Use a cool Guasha if your eye bags are particularly swollen. After reaching the end of the eye, bring the tool up toward the temple again and over the hairline. Repeat 3-5 times on each side.
**If your Guasha has a bumpy edge: take the bumpy edge directly over the closed eye, moving gently in complete strokes over the impression of the eyeball. Repeat no more than twice per eye**

4. Nose:

Begin at the bridge of the nose, between your eyes. Use a scraping motion upwards and to the right ear along the brow bone. Repeat again moving to the left ear. Afterwards, repeat the motion but begin an inch lower on the nose before moving up again and to the right, then left. Repeat 3-5 times, and make sure to balance the drainage between the right and left.





  1. Jawline:

Begin in the centre of the chin and draw the tool firmly up along the jawline until reaching the ear. Press firmly enough to feel the calcium deposits under the skin (the jawline should not feel smooth under the tool) Wait 2-3 seconds before drawing the Guasha down the neck. Repeat 10-12 times on each side.

2. Double Chin Target:

Begin completely under the jaw (just against the neck) in the centre and stroke slowly up towards the ear. Wait 2 seconds and then reverse to move down the neck. Repeat 5-10 times on each side. Then move the tool closer to the chin, still under the jaw, and move again towards the ear, pause, and continue down the neck. Repeat 5-10 times on each side, then move closer to the point of the chin again if there is still an unmassaged portion of the under jaw.


If there are any areas of the face that you feel need more help draining or to increase circulation, this would be the time to repeat the motions. However, make sure to end each of these repetitions with an extra movement down the side of the neck, bringing the toxins further away from the face and promoting cellular regeneration while simultaneously preventing any new blockage in the body’s lymphatic channels.

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