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When preparing for runway shows, especially for Fashion Week, models do anything and everything to ensure they arrive on the catwalk with radiant, clear skin. That's why Akar partners with modeling agencies prior to Fashion Week to help prep the models skin to be as beautiful as possible! Read below to see which products are model favorites & where you can get yours! 

Iman Perez - Next Modeling Agency

Perez says: 

“Akar’s eye serum and face oil have been helping me stay fresh faced throughout Fashion Month.”

Perez mentions that her goal of feeling fresh faced is achieved through use of our Restore Eye Serum & Face Oil (available for both Normal/Dry Skin & Oily/Combination/Sensitive Skin.  The eye serum is packed with ingredients that help to tighten & rejuvenate tired skin and the face oil is high in antioxidants & other nutrients to help sooth and plump skin. 

Fran Summers - Storm Models

Summer says:

“I’ve been using products from Akar for a few weeks now and I can seriously say they are 10/10, especially the eye serum and lip butter!”

Obviously, the eye serum is a model favorite!! But Summer also mentions the Pure Lip Restoration, the best balm out there to keep lip supple and nourished for hours on end!

Sian Garnett - Storm Models

Garnett says:

“I have fallen in love with Akar! The toning mist and face oil combo keep my skin super hydrated and seriously glowy. They are now my skincare staple!”

Sian wants her skin to feel hydrated and glowing, which leads us to our Essentials!! This hydration packed duo of the Toning Mist & Face Oil (available for Dry/Normal or Oily/Combination/Sensitive skin types) protects & hydrates skin in 2 quick & easy steps. 

Follow these models leads to achieve gorgeous, glowing skin that is not only beautiful, but also healthy!

Akar Skin prides itself in sourcing highest grade natural ingredients that are organic, wild harvested or gathered from the Tibetan plateau. Being 100% natural means every Akar product is biocompatible with the body, enhancing your skin's ability to repair and renew itself. Indulge in nature's finest. Experience a moment of tranquility in your self-care routine. Unwind and let Akar reveal your best skin. 

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