How To Harness Crystal Energy

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Crystals are all the rage; you've seen them in yoga studios, spas, and they've now made they way into our homes. So what exactly is it that makes everyone so obsessed with crystals? These stones have existed since the beginning of life and have stored eons of energy in them. Our entire universe is made up of energy, including ourselves. Scientists have figured out how to harness the energy stored within crystals to power modern technology such as watches, computers, and smartphones. We've even been using crystals in our medication by grinding the minerals in crystals into medicine. 

It is evident that crystals play a huge role in our daily lives, yet we're only just scratching the surface of their energetic healing properties. Just like crystals, we are made up of energetic vibrations. As such, we're able to feel the energetic properties of crystals and are influenced by them. If you're new to this, here's our beginner's guide to crystal healing. 


Types of crystals

1. Quartz 
Color: White
Uses: For cleansing and clarity of the mind. Absorbs energy and radiates calm.
2. Rose Quartz
Color: Pink
Uses: To heal your heart from any emotional distress or relationships. Increases compassion and loving energy.
3. Rhodonite
Color: Rose-pink
Uses: For altruism and generosity, which eventually brings more love and fulfillment into your life.
4. Malachite
Color: Green
Uses: For physical healing; redirects energy and balances it out. To help you turn over a new leaf. 

How to use them

1. Wear them
You can wear your crystals as necklaces, earrings, rings, or even just place them in your pocket. Crystals absorb and repel energy throughout the day, so wearing them will help to balance your moods and align your intentions with the type of crystal you're wearing. 


2. Sleep with them
If you're not keen on wearing crystals, try placing them beside your bed or underneath your pillow. Your subconscious mind will take over and allow you to heal as you absorb the crystals' energy.
3. Meditate 
Sit quietly and meditate with crystals around you. Crystals have been around for millions of years and store bits and pieces of history in them. You might just receive life-changing information or historical insights while meditating with them. 


4. Decorate your home 
If you're not keen on actively engaging with crystals, the most passive way to hone in on that positive energy would be to place them in your home. Use different crystals to draw in different types of energy, it'll really help to set the mood at home. Placing clear quartz in your home can help to alleviate any negativity and clear the room for positive vibes. 

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