The 3-in-1 Mist That's More Than Just Water

This month’s blog comes from our marketing specialist Kristy! Here she shares with us why Balance Toner is her favorite and most used Akar product. 

Once toners made their way into the mainstream of skincare, we have all been told not to skip out on this crucial step. I remember reading listacle after listacle. But what is a toner anyway?

Bloggers, celebrities, and make-up artists all refer to it as an essential part of their routine, yet many of us are unaware of its true purpose. I used to think toner was just water (I know, don’t judge) and have been guilty of skipping it on days when I can’t be bothered with the extra step of having to slather cotton pad with some toner and dab it all over my face!

What exactly does a toner do and why is it so important?

For starters, it’s the first step after cleansing and is the first layer of product that stays on your face. It sounds simple enough, but skincare has become complex and encompasses far more than just toners. The term “toner” is used interchangeably with “essence” and “astringent”, but these are all completely different products despite all being used immediately after a cleanser.

But fear not, I’m here to clear that all up for you! Here’s an introduction to Post-Cleansing 101:

Toner – provides hydration and helps to balance the skin’s pH

Essence – a moisture enhancer, helps with the absorption of other products

Astringent – usually alcohol-based, helps remove excess oil and leaves taut feeling

Now that we’ve established the differences, it’s time to get skin deep.

Most toners in the market contain irritants like alcohol or are diluted with water fillers. The best thing about our Balance Toner is that it doesn’t contain any of that, and yet it works perfectly as a toner, essence, and astringent! A 3-in-1 toner? Add in the spray nozzle and you have the perfect toner for someone who’s always on the go, like me.

My morning ritual is simple: I wash, tone, moisturize, and I’m out. Not a lot of steps, but that’s because the Balance toner makes all the difference. I have oily skin and tend to have acne breakouts every now and then, but I’ve noticed a lot less flareups since I started using Balance. The salicylic acid from white willow bark helps prevent build-up in my pores and is anti-microbial – similar to the effect of an astringent, but without the drying sensation that comes with alcohol. 

The first thing you’ll notice about Balance is the scent – it smells like fresh roses. This comes from rose and neroli flower water, which has anti-inflammatory and hydrating properties to help keep the pH value of your skin at the optimum level. Not only that, this is the exact kind of scent that gives me the energy to start my day (and is perfect as a pick-me-up throughout as well)! 

When using Balance at night, I like to mist on a little more before layering on face oils. I find that this helps with the absorption of oils and makes it easier to massage them into my skin. The spray nozzle is a godsend as I can easily apply my oils immediately after misting.

So the next time you’re thinking of skipping out on your toner, get yourself a convenient, powerful mist - like Balance Toner! Your skin will thank you for it. Now that we’ve got that covered, I think it’s safe to say that toners are so much more than just water. If anything, they’re the holy water of skincare. 

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Mist away!

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