Figure Out Your Skin Type With These Easy Steps

When shopping for skincare, you'll often see brands go out of the way to label the products as being suited for oily, combination, dry or normal. But what category do you fall in? Follow the steps in our article to single out the best possible skincare products for your unique skin type!

1. Wash your Face like normal

Wash your face with warm water and your regular cleanser. Make sure every bit of grime or make-up residue is gone! Towel dry and then - as much as it pains you - don't apply any product, be it face oil, moisturizer, eye serum, creams or whatnot to your skin. Let your face sit naturally... 

2. Wait for 30 minutes

Head to the bathroom for a quick check. Take note of how your face's natural oils are forming, with special attention on the T-zone area, which are the forehead, nose & chin. Is your skin starting to feel clogged or dry? Now, leave your bathroom yet again without applying anything for a second time.

3. Wait another round of 30 minutes

This is it! Observe your skin once again. Does your skin feel sticky, itchy, or both? Take a tissue to dab at your face - does it come away clear or oily? Now that you have your notes, we're ready to diagnose the exact skin type that you have! 


A sign that your skin is on the dry side is that it feels a tight, itchy or irritated. If your skin is dry, go for ingredients that is calming and promises long-lasting hydration, like jojoba and sandalwood. Dry skin might also be a sign of dehydration, so drink more water and reduce your intake of diuretics like coffee.


Shiny skin means oily skin! This is the result of excessive skin sebum production, which is caused by a number of different factors, from genetics to environment to over exfoliating or cleansing. Plants like safflower and blue tansy are especially good at negating this problem. Consider staying away from deep-fried food stuff in your diet!


Your skin type is combination if it has areas that are oily (usually the T-zone) and others that are dry or tight. If that sounds troublesome to you, well, you'll be pleased to know that that's not the case at all! Skincare products can be formulated to be gentle and effective for a wide range of skin concerns, especially when it uses perfectly well-rounded antioxidants like goji berry and sea buckthorn. You just have to know where to look!


Looks like congratulations are in order! This skin type is the most enviable, being not particularly prone to skin woes like acne or inflammation. Those with this skin type can afford to be adventurous with their skincare choices - though fair warning, it is possible for skin types to change as easily as the seasons do. Stick to orange blossom and white willow bark - ingredients that are perfect for any and all, any time!

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