Fashion Week Model Skincare Must Haves

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When preparing for the runway, models do anything and everything to ensure they arrive on the catwalk with flawless, radiant skin. That's why Akar partners with modeling agencies prior to Fashion Week to help prep their skin to be as beautiful as possible for the show. Read on to find out which of our products are these model favorites!


Iman Perez

“Akar’s eye serum and face oil have been helping me stay fresh faced throughout Fashion Month.”

- @imanperez

Perez credits her forever-fresh to our bestseller Restore Eye Serum. Our amber oil gets its potency from ingredients like mushroom and pumpkin extracts that contain specific phytochemicals that targets inflammation - thereby soothing uncomfortable puffy eyes - and repairs epidermal flaws like lines and uneven spots.

“I’ve been using products from akar for a few weeks now and I can seriously say they are 10/10, especially the eye serum and lip butter!”

- @fransummers

Obviously, the eye serum is a clear favorite, but Summers also gives a shoutout to Pure Lip Restoration, formulated with creamy beeswax and our core miracle berries to provide ultimate, lasting hydration.


Fran Summers



“I have fallen in love with akar! The toning mist and face oil combo keep my skin super hydrated and seriously glowy. They are now my skincare staple!”

- @siannlilly

For hydrated, glowing skin, the akar double-team Essentials - featuring one toning mist and one face oil - is your most straightforward solution. A two-step only process to either clarify oily, sensitive skin, or soothe dry, normal skins.

These are our models' favorites - what are yours?

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