All About Mandalas

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What mandala will you create?

Mandalas are circular patterns that represent the cosmos or universe in a metaphysical form. Its origins stem from Hinduism and Buddhism, as the word mandala means "circle" in Sanskrit. While there are many interpretations and uses of mandalas, it is commonly understood that these circular art forms represent the 'circles of life', be it the cosmos (Earth, Sun, and Moon) or the relationships that we develop with others (family, friends, and romance). They signify that we are all inter-connected beings in the strand that is our never-ending universe.

Tibetan monks have been known to create mandalas for spiritual purposes, as it is believed to aid in meditation and create a sense of inner peace and calmness. Over the years, this art form has evolved to become a kind of therapy, encouraging self-introspection and the discovery of the many layers of one's personality as well as activating self-actualization. You've probably seen many mandala coloring books in bookstores as well, marketed at helping people destress and relax. It is widely believed that creating, coloring, or even just admiring a mandala can help your mind access deeper levels of the consciousness, and endow one with a powerful sense of spiritual fulfilment.


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We've created 2 mandala printables for you to color in that you can download simply by clicking on the images below. Feel free to indulge creative senses and add more line details to grow these mandalas!



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