4 Reasons To Try a Double Cleansing Routine

Is Double Cleansing Right for Your Skin?

The path to clear, smooth, and healthy skin starts with daily face cleansing. And for some women, cleansing involves a two-step routine at night before bed. Known as double cleansing, you first wash your face with a cleansing oil and then wash it again with a more traditional cleanser, such as a gel-based cleanser. 

If you’re wondering if you can double cleanse your way to healthier-looking skin, the short answer is yes! In fact, you may find it to be the most effective way to wash your face. Let’s look at a few reasons why you may benefit from the double cleansing method. 

Your Skin Will Feel Cleaner

If the single cleanser you are currently using isn’t up to par, your skin will not feel clean or nourished. The best cleansing oils are great on all skin types and will not strip your skin of its natural oils, which you need to have for supple, healthy-looking skin. When followed with an effective gel cleanser that’s packed with nutrients and plant-derived enzymes for gentle exfoliation, your skin will feel smoother and appear brighter and more hydrated.

High-quality, carefully crafted cleansing oils will remove makeup and dirt completely while also giving you a deeper cleanse. While having clean skin is always important, using cleansing oils is an especially imperative step if you get a lot of sun or live in a congested city, as so many of us do. 

Your Makeup Will Come Off with Ease

A high-quality cleansing oil emulsifies when you add a little water to it, and any makeup and dirt will slide off completely without harsh rubbing. Your skin will not be left with an oily residue because the cleansing oil and water form a milky emulsion that’s easily rinsed off. If you are someone who wears makeup and sunscreen daily, you will especially benefit from a great cleansing oil. The right cleansing oil does a great job of removing makeup and impurities while simultaneously cleansing your skin.  

Your Second Cleanse Will Benefit Different Skin Types

If you have oily, acne-prone, or combination skin, consider doing your second cleanse with a clarify cleanser in a gel-based formula to combat excess sebum. A great facial cleanser should gently exfoliate, smooth, and brighten the appearance of your skin without compromising on hydration.

If you have normal, dry, or sensitive skin, consider doing your second cleanse with a cream cleanser that gently exfoliates and nourishes the skin, making way for a brighter- and lighter-looking complexion. Your skin should also feel soft and hydrated.  

Your Products Will Absorb Better

Gently massaging your second cleanser into skin that’s been washed with cleansing oil will enhance the effectiveness of the cleanser and will prep your skin for the next steps in your skincare routine. The cleaner your skin, the more effective the next skincare product will be at absorbing, which is why it’s so important to use a high-quality cleansing oil to completely remove any makeup and dirt from your face.

If you’re wondering what the most beneficial product is next, it’s toner. A really excellent toning mist should provide your skin with deep hydration, improve the overall elasticity of your skin, reduce the appearance of fine lines, and keep the skin’s barrier balanced. Seek out a high-quality toner with more natural ingredients to ensure you are getting the most benefit out of your product.

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