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A self-discovery journey in Tibet

Kate Chen, CEO of Akar Skin, witnessed the healing power of plants during a trip to Tibet. This trip sparked an exploration for more botanical superfoods around the globe to be used as skincare. Sustainability is a constant work-in-progress as we strive to learn, educate, and make meaningful changes happen. It’s a non-stop mission that we will carry on forever. When you read our story, you will learn that our sea buckthorn and goji berries are wild harvested once a year by Tibetan farmers. Our gratitude extends to the Tibetans who work with us, as well as to our global community of customers for joining us in our efforts for economic empowerment and environmental preservation in the Tibetan Plateau.

Sustainable Practice

Conscious consumption is kinder to our planet, it's about looking beyond the price tag and caring for the environment. By being conscious about what you purchase, you avoid feeding into unethical business practices and becoming victims of harmful ingredients. Oftentimes, it can get overwhelming because every purchase we make is impactful in some ways or the other on the environment. At Akar Skin, one of the most meaningful ways in which we commit our stance to sustainability and non-toxic products to our consumers, is by obtaining Enivronmental Working Group Verification for 100% of our products. Unlike other organic labels, the EWG Verified mark ensures that we are fully committed to sustainable sourcing and manufacturing, are fully transparent about our formulations, and only select the safest ingredients for our consumers’ skin.

EWG Verification

This practice ensures that the farm’s eco-system remains healthy and thriving, continuing to bear fruit year after year. Our partner farm creates long-term employment for their workers, and simultaneously supports education for local children through their Sea Berry Poverty Relief Fund. Having the ability to make the right choices is in and of itself an act of empowerment. For the overwhelming number of consumers, ‘natural’ represents a lifestyle that considers the impacts of manufacturing on our earth and our bodies – therefore making better choices in life or in skincare. For those who are looking for a skincare company that is firm on using non-toxic ingredients and dedicated to sustainable practices, you are the reason why we founded Akar. Every individual action has the power to change the world, and one of the actions we can take is demanding thatcompanies are more responsible with the ingredients they use in the products we consume. As human beings who have endured toxicity for years, we are in position to provide better for others around the globe.

Being green takes money when creating with love.

Sustainable procedures for growing and producing eco-friendly products are costly. Making products that have minimal impact on the environment is no easy task. From organic farming practices to acquiring certifications, liquid to the bottles, soy ink to our red paper-boxes. It’s a long and challenging process – and yet that’s exactly what makes us proud of the green products that are so sought after.

Community action is the best way to push forward

The good news is that there are ways beyond individual conscious consumerism to push for a better world. Our eco-friendly lifestyle choices alone cannot change the world asthe ecological footprint changes only slightly even when consumers put effort into making environmentally conscious decisions.

However, a significant change can come through collective action. Support organizations that push for policy changes geared towardt fighting for the preservation of our planet. You can also volunteer in your community to broaden your impact as an individual. Whether it's taking public transportation to meet your date or picking up rubbish on the beach with a group of friends, you and like-minded individuals are channeling your time and energy towards making environmentally friendly decisions, and therefore, creating a better world!

Act of empowerment

There is great momentum for a clean, green, and non-toxic beauty revolution to take the lead throughout the world. As more consumers become aware, it is more certain that keywords like “clean”, “safe” and “green” is no trendy niche or passing fad. In fact, such standards are becoming the norm, the bare minimum that everyone – brands and consumers alike – should strive for. We believe that consumers deserve to have full knowledge of what goes into their skincare products, which is why we provide extensive write-ups of every single ingredient we include. Our current plant superfood library contains about a hundred ingredients and is continuously expanding as we grow our collection! By educating consumers to look for non-toxic products wherever they can, we empower individuals to demand the accountability and answers they deserve, and to seek choices that are better for themselves and for our planet.

"Clean beauty is honest. It doesn’t gatekeep, it doesn’t hide any secrets behind confusing labels, and it always holds itself accountable. It is about honoring your skin, our consumers and the planet."

akar skin, founder

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