Tips for having a cozy, homey facial

  • 2 min read

Are you feeling tired, stressed, and in need of a reset? If you are, it’s time for an uplifting beauty moment that will help you unwind and pamper yourself. We’ve got you covered with an at-home spa ritual that will not only help you feel rejuvenated, but will also restore peace, balance, and beauty to your skin.

Before starting, brew a cup of herbal tea to sip on before your spa session to set the mood. Choose any favorite flavors such as chamomile or mint to help you feel relaxed. Then slide into your cozy satin or fluffy robe to invite your whole wellbeing into this moment of relaxation. Light up a preferred candle. Tie your hair back gently. Take a deep breath. Let's get started with creating your own luxurious spa experience at home!

  • Step 1: Set the mood by creating a spa-like environment. Soften the lighting, light some candles, and play some soft music. Ensure your mood is free of distractions.
  • Step 2: Begin by cleansing your skin with your favorite cleanser. Use a gentle, circular motion to massage the cleanser onto your skin, and rinse with warm water. Pat your skin dry with a clean towel.
  • Step 3: Spray a toner with hydrating and pH-balancing properties to prepare your skin for all the next steps of your DIY spa routine. You might want to try ours, which has a floral scent that can help you relax as you inhale it!
  • Step 4: Apply a small amount of your favorite face oil to your fingertips and gently massage onto your face and neck, focusing on any dry or dull areas. The face oil will help to deeply hydrate and nourish your skin. Allow the face oil to fully absorb before moving on to the next step. For a bonus tip, you might try using a jade roller for a facial massage to help de-puff your skin while providing a soothing massage.
  • Step 5: Moisturize your skin with a mild, natural moisturizer. Look for a product that is free of synthetic fragrances and harsh chemicals. Massage the moisturizer into your skin using gentle, circular motions, and enjoy the sensation of your skin being well pampered.
  • Step 6: Use an eye serum to give your eyes the special care they deserve! Why not add a little revitalizing and luxuriously textured oil eye serum?

    Indulge yourself in a DIY at-home spa 30 minutes before you turn in for the night, and wake up the next day with plump, bouncy skin! So go ahead, take some well deserved me-time, and pamper yourself like a queen.

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