How to build a skincare routine for acne-prone skin

How to build a skincare routine for acne-prone skin

Acne can happen to anyone no matter your age or your skin type. If you have struggled with acne for years or if you find yourself in a cycle of endless breakouts, we are here to tell you that enjoying smooth, calm, radiant skin doesn't have to be complicated! In fact, it is probably a lot more simpl than you think. Please worry no more, the Akar team is here to guide you on the path to healthier skin.

We are going to walk you through the key causes behind acne flare ups and how to build an effortless skincare routine that will effectively keep breakouts at bay. With these science-based tips, your skin will be thriving and glowing in no time.

  • Control excess oil and sebum: sebum is a waxy, oily substance naturally produced by your skin. When there is too much of it, the pores become congested and clogged, which triggers acne.
  • Prevent bacteria: when impurities and bacteria are trapped in your pores, it leads to inflammation that worsens break outs.
  • Protect the acid mantle: this very thin film at the surface of the skin is our primary defense against most of the environmental aggressors. Using excessively harsh skincare might break down the acid mantle, leading to even more bacterial infections and acne. 
  • Amp up hydration: When the skin is dehydrated, it overcorrects by producing even more sebum. Many with oily/combination actually suffer from skin dehydration due to over cleansing and using stripping skincare designed to control sebum production. A key part of returning the skin to balance and preventing breakouts is to pack on hydration to prevent excess sebum and keep the skin barrier strong.
  • Soothe inflammation: with easily triggered skin, pro-actively calming and soothing the skin is key. This prevents the eruption of severe blemishes and speeds up healing.

Looking for an easy skincare routine that can do all the above in a few simple steps? We've got you!

Here is our suggested beauty routine that will bring balance and glow back to your beautiful complexion in 4 simple steps!


As you know, cleansing is an integral part of healthy, balanced skin. The key here is gentle and effective cleansing. The best way to achieve that is by following the double-cleansing method.

First, Oil cleansers like our Purify Cleansing oil are the very best at pulling out all the excess sebum and dirt, as well as makeup and sunscreen sitting on top of the skin. Once all this build-up is removed from the top layer of the skin, the second cleanser can effectively reach deeper into your pores to generate the best results.

We love our Purify Cleansing oil because it emulsifies into milk when in contact with water, effortlessly washes off, and leaves absolutely nothing but clean skin behind. It is gently exfoliating thanks to Pineapple Enzyme which decongests the pores and lifts dead skin cells to reveal a smoother complexion. What makes it perfect for acne-prone skin is the synergy of Tea Tree and Guava fruit extract. With their anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties, they protect the skin against bacteria and prevent inflammations.

Second, gel cleanser: Immediately follow that first cleanse with a gentle, non-stripping gel cleanser like our Clarify Cleanser which is specifically designed to target all acne culprits: eliminate bacteria, combat excess sebum, reduce inflammations. Our multi-tasking Clarify Cleanser is formulated with Willow Bark extract (a gentle all- natural BHA) to promote cellular turn-over and healing, quinoa for hydration and softening, and rice extract to fade hyperpigmentation for a more even tone.


Best applied right after cleansing, a hydration-boosting toner or essence such as our Balance Toning Mist will forever be your best friend! It replenishes all the hydration the skin needs to stay balanced and happy and prevents and soothes inflammations thanks to White Willow Bark extract. We love a good multi-tasking skincare product and Balance Toner strengthens the acid mantle, preventing bacteria from cozying up in your pores, thanks to Rose and Orange Blossom. Enhanced with Saffron Stem cells, Balance Toning Mist ensures skin regeneration to promote healing and smoothing.


Seal all that hydration and deliver additional protective vitamins to your skin with a lightweight face oil, like our all-time favorite Clarify Face Oil.
This luxurious face oil contains pure Blue Tansy oil, which is also celebrated for its effectiveness in clearing congested pores and eliminating pimple-causing bacteria, thus ensuring a blemish and inflammation free complexion.

Four steps with natural, effective and high-quality skincare is all you need to return your skin to balance and keep it clear and healthy!