How Tibetan tradition inspires our skincare

A decade ago, our founder Kate embarked on a trip to the Tibetan Plateau that renewed her appreciation for Mother nature, gave her clarity on the true meaning of wellness and lead to a newfound passion for skincare.

The months spent in the Tibetan Plateau reminded Kate of how intrinsic nature is to healing and rejuvenation, and that nothing can ever replace the incredible power of natural plants. Since ancient times, people of the Tibetan Plateau have gained remarkable proficiency on how to use natural herbs to heal and reinvigorate the body. At the core, traditional Tibetan healing practices target the root cause of health issues with all natural potent herbs that restore and sustain balance.

While in Tibet, Kate consulted local women and experts to treat her stubborn adult-acne and increasingly sensitized skin. She was then introduced to two berries long used in Tibetan healing practices, the Sea Buckthorn and Goji Berry. Upon witnessing the remarkable transformation these two ingredients brought to her skin, Kate was inspired to create a superfoods-focused skincare line that brings the benefits of these nourishing and healing superfoods to others.

Today, sea buckthorn and goji berry are in nearly all our Akar formulations. The varieties we use in our skincare are harvested straight from sustainable farms in the Tibetan Plateau and are highly prized for their phenomenal concentrations of vitamins, fatty acids and minerals.

This love for superfoods led to the discovery of more and more powerful plants that we thoughtfully combine to bring long-term health and wellness to your skin.

All our global partner farms share the commitment established in Tibet - to consciously grow and harvest high-quality organic ingredients in a way that allows both nature and humans to thrive.

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