Choose a gentle formula for your skin

Choose a gentle formula for your skin

Inspiration from the Tibetan Plateau, Formulation that promotes immaculate and beautiful skin with science

Today, Sea buckthorn and goji berry are in nearly all our Akar formulations. The varieties we use in our skincare are harvested straight from sustainable farms in the Tibetan Plateau and are highly prized for their phenomenal concentrations of vitamins, fatty acids, omegas and minerals.

Although there is no universally accepted standard of beauty, natural, healthy, flawless, and smooth skin is appreciated by all. We often look for products that are gentle and non-irritating to the skin, hoping to achieve the best results. It can be encouraging to find that opting for the most natural and gentle formula can eventually help our skin build up a healthy system that can resist external damage. However, it's important to note that not all mild formulas are equally effective. In addition to using gentle skincare products, healthy skin requires good living habits, balanced nutrition, adequate sleep, and avoiding smoking, pollutants, and other free radicals to restore youthful and glowing skin.

All Natural

Our love for superfoods led us to the discovery of over one hundred powerful plants that we expertly combine to bring long-term health and youthfulness to the skin. All our global partner farms share the commitment established in Tibet to consciously grow and harvest high-quality organic ingredients in a way that allows both nature and humans to thrive.

We searched for and included 92 superfoods in our formulations that are completely natural, cultivated for their unsurpassed skin benefits and harvested with respect to their natural ecosystem. More and more adults, even younger generations, claim to have sensitive or sensitized skin. Sensitive and sensitized are very similar but the difference between the two is easy to get confused. Sensitized skin is an immune response that can be caused by food, environmental allergens, drugs, or commodity ingredients. Overall, anyone can have sensitive skin, while sensitized skin is genetic and irritated by external materials that suddenly start bothering you.

Concept of Superfoods, science-based benefits

The sea buckthorn, also known as seaberry, is one of the main superfoods we use in our products. This plant is distinguished by the small, bright and numerous, orange-colored berries and needle-like thorns along the tree branches. Sea buckthorn is also known as a ‘multivitamin’, containing rare bioactive compounds with powerful antioxidant capabilities including:

The benefits of facial oils

  • For skin that’s very dry or dehydrated, botanical oils provide immediate relief and over time, help restore balance to the skin so that it feels softer and looks smoother. In addition to this, facial oils work to strengthen the epidermis and protect it from external damage. Sometimes when we talk about oil concerns as it relates to skin, we’re referring to specific concerns like shine or breakouts. However, oil can be incredibly beneficial for your skin. No matter what your skin type is, you want to use products that help nourish, protect, and preserve the natural oils and moisture in your skin. There are some oil-based cleansers and moisturizing products formulated with superfoods and other powerful natural ingredients that promote nourished, radiant-looking skin.
EWG Verified
    • EWG has certified that every Akar skincare product is safe and sustainably manufactured. We know how challenging it can be to find unbiased information to guarantee the quality and safety of clean beauty without greenwashing or marketing BS. That's why every one of our formulations is rigorously screened by the Environmental Working Group (EWG). They are a non-profit organization with an extensive database that ranks every ingredient used in the global beauty industry based on its safety and ecotoxicity. 

    We want our customers to have easy access to complete information about our formulas and know they are making the best choices for their skin and the planet.