Reverse Damaged Skin with Blue Tansy

April 06, 2017

Reverse Damaged Skin with Blue Tansy

One of Akar's most popular and effective all-natural products is the Clarify Face Oil. We believe it's because the face oil is packed with ingredients perfectly combined for Oily/Combination/Sensitive skin to calm inflammation & clarify the complexion of even the most damaged skin. One ingredient, in particular, plays a huge role in the face oils' effectiveness, Blue Tansy Oil.

Blue Tansy Oil derives from a beautiful plant with yellow blooms & nutrients that expand far beyond most ingredients capabilities. With it's strong constituent makeup, blue tansy oil is able to assist in curing many other health issues, even pesky allergies, in addition to benefitting skincare through the following properties:

- Sabinene - Kills Airborne Pathogens to increase antiviral properties

- Myrcene & Camphor - Pain relief through anti-inflammatory properties

- Chamazulene - After the distillation process, this also aids in anti-inflammatory properties

- Alpha Phellandrene - Gives the oil a citrus-y smell & gives antibacterial & antiviral properties

- Beta Pinene - Relieves any sort of cough or respiratory issue and kills airborne pathogens

Believe it or not, Blue Tansy oil can even lower high blood pressure!

Many all-natural gurus create at home remedies with Blue Tansy oil. Here are a couple of our favorites:

1. To fight inflammation and increase your body's immune defense against seasonal allergies, combine these 3 essential oils in a base of your chosen carrier oil: lavender, lemon eucalyptus & blue tansy.

2. To soothe itchy/irritated skin & skin allergies, combine lavender, peppermint, lemon eucalyptus & blue tansy in a base carrier oil of your choice.

With the blue tansy's strong medicinal range, it is excellent for treating irritated, inflamed or even damaged skin through it's ultra-hydrating & soothing benefits.

Calm your skin by reducing redness & reversing longtime damage through the use of our Clarify Face Oil. To learn more about our blue tansy product, the Clarify Face Oil, click here. 

You can also purchase the Neat Remedy Face Oil in the following kits:

Travel Kit - our full skincare regimen in travel-approved sizes & packed in a mesh bag. 

Essentials for Oily/Combination/Sensitive Skin - the perfect duo for after cleansing your skin. Essentials includes the Full Size Balance Toning Mist & Full Size Clarify Face Oil.

Full Set for Oily/Combination/Sensitive Skin - all in Full Sizes, the Full Set includes the Balance Toning Mist, Clarify Face Oil, Restore Eye Serum, Pure Lip Restoration& Ruby Lip Restoration

Akar Skinprides itself in sourcing highest grade natural ingredients that are organic, wild harvested or gathered from the Tibetan plateau. Being 100% natural means every Akar product is biocompatible with the body, enhancing your skin's ability to repair and renew itself. Indulge in nature's finest. Experience a moment of tranquility in your self-care routine. Unwind and let Akar reveal your best skin. 


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