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All About Mandalas

September 17, 2018

Mandalas are circular patterns that represent the cosmos, or universe, in a metaphysical form. Its origins stem from Hinduism and Buddhism, where the term mandala means "circle" in Sanskrit. While there are many interpretations and uses of mandalas, it is commonly agreed that these circular art forms represent the 'circles of life', be it the cosmos (Earth, Sun, and Moon) or the relationships that we develop (family, friends, and romance). These 'circles of life' signify that the universe is never ending and that we're all inter-connected in one big loop. 

Tibetan monks are often seen creating mandalas for spiritual purposes, as it is believed to aid meditation and provide a sense of calmness in the process of doing so. Over the years, this art form has evolved to become a form of art therapy, where one can discover their inner self through creating a mandala. You've probably seen many mandala coloring books in bookstores as well, and people use these coloring books to de-stress. It is believed that creating, coloring, or even just looking at a mandala can help your mind to access deeper levels of the unconsciousness and feel a sense of completion. 

We've created 2 mandala printables for you to color in. Feel free to add in more details in the empty spaces. Here's a color scheme for you to follow if you're looking for a certain vibe:

Red: Confidence, strength, power, passion
Orange: Creativity
Yellow: Wisdom, abundance, learning
Green: Love, forgiveness, understanding, stability
Blue: Peace, self-reflection, communication
Purple: Spirituality
White: Purity, focus, acceptance
Black: Individuality

Mandala 1

Mandala 1

Mandala 2

Mandala 2

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