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February 01, 2017 3 min read

Valentine's Day is a wonderful day every year to show the one you love how much you truly appreciate him/her for being such an important piece of your life. You could be the traditionalist and give your loved one something that will be consumed in 20 minutes or that he/she will think is beautiful until it dies in 4 days (...cough, cough chocolate or flowers!!) OR you could give your Valentine a gift that will say 'I Love You' every day for around 9 months or even longer! Take a look at our favorite gifts listed below and see what would be the perfect gift for your love.

1. Honey On the Go? 
Is your significant other always traveling for business or on new adventures? Well, the Travel Kit is the perfect gift! Available for Dry/Normal Skin or Combination/Oily/Sensitive Skin, the Travel Kit has all of your loves skincare necessities in travel regulation sizes, wrapped up in in a cute, mesh travel bag. The kit includes:
- Lush Balance Toning Mist - 30 ml
- Face Oil - 10 ml (either Neat Remedy or Desert Rescue, depending on skin type)
- Nutrient Boost Eye Serum - 5 ml
- Mini Care Lip Butter - 7 ml

2. Year Round Kissable Lips 
On this day of romance, all you probably want to do is pucker up and lay a big, juicy one on your Valentine! Make sure those kisses are with smooth, supple lips all year round by giving the gift of the Lip Butter Duo. The duo includes the coveted Mini Care Lip Butter & the Ruby Tint Lip Butter, both perfect for any occasion & doesn't need to be constantly reapplied, like most other lip balms. This gift will be LOVED.

3. Beauty Essentials
Be a hero this Valentine's Day & give your love some skincare essentials. This Essentials kit has the 2 most important products (in full size) in the line to help skin to stay clean, radiant & beautiful! The Essentials combo, available for both Dry/Normal Skin or Oily/Combination/Sensitive Skin, includes:
-Lush Balance Toning Mist - 50 ml
- Face Oil - 30 ml (eitherNeat Remedy orDesert Rescue, depending on skin type)

4. The Ultimate Package
If you want your significant other to really know you love them, then we'd recommend purchasing the Full Set of all of your love's skincare needs in full sizes! Like the travel kits, the Full Set is available for Dry/Normal Skin or Combination/Oily/Sensitive Skin. The Full Set includes:
-Lush Balance Toning Mist - 50 ml
- Face Oil - 30 ml (eitherNeat Remedy orDesert Rescue, depending on skin type)
-Nutrient Boost Eye Serum - 10 ml
-Mini Care Lip Butter - 7 ml
- Ruby Tint Lip Butter - 7 ml

Unsure of what skin type you should gift for? Read our post on how to find out here.

We hope your Valentine's Day is full of love, laughter, & romance!

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